Gmail Is The Tv

One of my motion sensors was somehow relabeled “Gmail Is The Tv” earlier tonight. I renamed it back to its original label. No one else in my household would have done this, so it likely was done by a Smartthings employee and/or service.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Smarthings, is there an explanation for this?

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My guess would be database corruption, not anyone intentionally changing the name.

One Community member has previously reported, for example, seeing a sensor called “dining room sensor” on their account when they don’t even have a dining room.

And just in the last couple of weeks at least two members have said that rooms which they had previously deleted months ago had reappeared on their accounts.

I would definitely report it to


Thanks I’ll send an email to Support and see what they say.

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Scary to hear that happened… but funny none the less… Only funny because that’s about as far as I trusted ST…