Globe Suite and ST Integration

I love how you put in the year. Haha been burned before?


Can never be too careful xD


Same question here. Those are pain the ass. I’m not sure wether I have to unpair them or not but until global integration with st is still broken there isn’t any other chance to use smartlife devices on smartthings

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Any update? It is last week of February. Hope it was February of 2020.

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I would not have too much hope.

Deadlines missed:
“Near” January
“Sometime” this January
End of January/Early February
Next couple of weeks (on January 23)
Next Week (on February 6)

The next one:
By end of February (on February 13)
By end of this month (on February 19)

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This is why home automation companies should never release deadlines. :wink:

Some of this stuff is hard. I’d rather have them get it right even if it takes an extra few weeks. So I prefer the company say things like “we’re working on this now“ or “we will be working on this in the future.“

I know it’s really frustrating when there’s functionality that you need, or that was there and it disappeared, I just don’t want to beat them up every day over something they do appear to be working on.

JMO, of course.


E-mail from Globe 3 days ago.

They still maintain the claim it will be ready at the end of this month. . .

Once it is fully integrated you may have to reconnect Globe Suite to Smart Things, however future devices you set up should sync automatically.


I wonder if they are “fixing” not bringing in other manufacturers devices that also run on the Tuya cloud… (smart life, etc.)

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Yes, we are still on pace to launch, we should go live by the end of this week if not by the end of next week.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


Service à la Clientèle/Customer Care

Si vous avez d’autres questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter par courriel à ou appelez-nous au 1-888-543-1388. Nos bureaux sont ouverts en semaine entre 9h00 et 17h00, heure normale de l’Est.
Globe Electric Customer Care

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or give us a call at 1-888-543-1388. Our offices are open weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Feb 25, 6:28 AM EST


This week is the end of Feb. Are you on track to go public with
integration this week? I hope you release this by Friday.

Thank you,


Well its a leap year so they have until Saturday before it is yet another broken deadline.

Not just home automation companies :wink:

I really do not understand the delay. They had code for what for many people was an already working integration with ST. They even thought themselves it would be a matter of a couple of weeks.
Like someone else said. Maybe they are working on integrating more of their companies into ST.

It will have been 2 months in 2 days time. I must make sure to send them an anniversary card :grin:

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I was saying they are working on integrating less companies. In the old integration, adding Globe Suite would also bring in other Tuya companies like Smart Life. But if i’m Globe Suite, I don’t want to support another company’s devices. Speculation at this point, though.


Ah, OK. I do need a visit to the opticians, sure enough.

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Optimistically, they could release the Globe Suite ST integration on Thursday, it would then have been released ahead of their stated deadline.

Now wouldn’t that be a good PR decision? :sunglasses:


I rather assumed that the ‘they’ doing the work would be Tuya themselves and that they would be developing a solution that could be customised for their clients, with Globe Electric the flag bearer. I can imagine it might be harder to wall off the brands than provide a universal solution.

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Two days left in the month and still nothing from Globe App. Anyone heard any new news?


DIY home automation companies, ever so reliable.

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Feb 28th. Last working day of the month. Is deployment happening?

If you read the post… it does say it could be next week.

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Today the SmartThings update came out but I don’t see GlobeSuite anywhere. :pensive: