Globe Suite and ST Integration

By the way, that explains this.

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If you would do remove now the integration even temporarily, then please drop an email to your users.
Otherwise you would might end up with more frustrated users.
People seems to be already really happy with your integration. It is a major feature towards Tuya integration.
Thanks for your consideration! And keep up with the good work!

Best Regards,



Thanks for the reply. It has more technical value than the one I just received from ST support, who I provided the exact same information to, and link to this thread, but they suggested I clear the cache for the app!
But to say I am not disappointed would be an understatement.
The option to integrate was in the apps. I bought a ST hub and 2 motion sensors on the back of this.
I am today sending them back to Samsung as not fit for purpose and will expect a full refund.
As soon as the integration is working again, I may purchase them again, at hopefully a lower price. I refuse to have hardware sitting idly by that I cannot use as I intended.
I really liked the lights I bought but again I will be reassessing which hardware I buy in the future. A little knowledge is very valuable.

I am not happy and apologise if I come across as petulant but I do not have enough money to not use what I have wisely.

A few days ago, when the integration was working perfectly, before you changed whatever you did that broke it, I would have recomended both ST and GS. Now if anyone asks me my opinion on Smart Homes, Globe Suite and SmartThings I will tell them to just not bother and to keep clicking on the wall switch.

Hi again Flakie99,

It’s unfortunate that the Globe Suite app integration was launched prematurely within SmartThings, causing these issues. We’re sorry you had to deal with these difficulties and your frustration is understandable.

If you choose to use any Globe products again in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us again directly by phone or email regarding any issues such as this, or even just feedback that you feel could help us improve the app or products for yourself and others. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Wishing you happy holidays, and keeping our fingers crossed that you don’t encounter any other tech issues in 2020!

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Hey Gabor,

The integration has unfortunately been alternating between available/unavailable throughout their testing and integration period. We’ve gotten in touch with them to avoid this kind of confusion among users.

We’ll make sure to send an email out once the Globe integration is officially available to the public and fully functional. (Although we’re ecstatic to hear that so far it is being enjoyed!)

Thank you so much for the feedback, and wishing you a happy remainder of the holiday season!


Indeed, people are very happy with your integration. Just as an example, one of the happy users.



Return labels printed and devices about to be packed.
Sending back to Samsung a hub and 2 motion detectors as they are not fit for the purpose I bought them for.
I cannot afford to pay for hardware that is going to be sitting idly while I await major companies to resolve their problems.
Should things ever get resolved then hopefully I will purchase again at a cheaper price or newer model (dependant on when this is ever resolved).

I shall be contacting the Samsung UK CEO to justify this decision.

Such a shame as this was all working with no issues before they made changes that broke it.

Should anyone wish to make similar complaints the contact details are below:

President and CEO of Globe Suite:
President of Samsung UK:


is there a definitive or rough timeline for production-ready integration with SmartThings?

I know there were announcements earlier in October about integration and collaboration:

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Hey Julio,

Great question. It’s actually coming up quick! It’s being carefully worked on and should be finalized near January. We’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on when it is officially rolled out. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt response. It would be great to keep this thread open and post an update here when It’s live so that everyone that’s been involved so far can know when it’s up and running. Also, others that will likely face this issue in the future will know when it’s in production as well.

Thanks again for replying to this thread and keeping your users informed. I will wait for the update and I’m excited for it to work again, as it’s been an awesome integration!


Thanks for going the extra mile!


Maybe SmartThings needs to update their documentation for cloud to cloud integrators? Seems like companies are frequently publishing their integration to the public app before they are ready for a full go-love.

@erickv is this something you can look at?


The simplest solution and the most customer caring one would have been to accept your mistake, fix whatever it was you broke the other day and let us carry on using it. I assume you know what you broke and have it documented? Anyway, as I just told your ceo in an email, you have lost me as a customer and I will ensure I do not purchase any of your products again. What I do have is now up on eBay.

Would it be at all possible to keep the integration open and have it labelled as beta testing until the final version comes out. We can all help provide user feedback while you are developing the release version.
I have only been using it for a short time but it been working flawlessly.
Thank you for your consideration. It will make many people that use this integration very happy! Also it may help identify issues faster with user feedback on this thread (or other threads that you can set up on your site.)


Hey @Vijay_Solanki!

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll definitely take a look to see if this is something we can do.

We will however be launching officially sometime this January, so everything will be up and running shortly.

However, we are always open to feedback regardless! If during your experience you thought of any suggestions or any comments, please send it to us directly!

Have a great rest of your day!

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Hi @Globe
Thanks for considering keeping the integration open as beta. I bought 10 led light strips I was going to install over these holidays!
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

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We really hope you enjoy them!

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday season as well :slight_smile:

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Damn, I am searching Ebay for used Lohas bulbs but cannot find any, what has been posted recently.

Only a few used ones, one from somebody who swapped for Phillips Hue, and another for a poor guy who has just lost his job… But I definitely cannot find 7 bulbs together in any offers.


Not published (it that is correct term) it live yet. I think it is ready to go but my first time trying it. Wife not too happy about it either but she will come around when I have replacements. Will pm you if you are interested when live. You anywhere near swindon? Maybe we could go off-ebay?
One will be an actual light fitting (waterproof bathroom one) but having trouble finding a ST replacement. Found Osram bulbs for all the others (at least I think they are directly ST compatible).

Maybe they are not so good. Not bright enough. So hard to find bright smart lights. Looking for a couple of B22 14w (100w equivalent) RGB Zigbee, that I can connect directly to echo plus (which I am ordering to replace Samsung hub). Google is useless for searches these days. Too many paying Google for higher results in searches to be of any real use.

If anyone is as interested in my ebay sale of my lights as Gabot is, unfortunately I have made a private sale. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face: (£115 cost sold for £80, so I am fairly happy).
They will take them off my hands next month when the Globe Suite integration is finished (and I have replacement lights).
Unfortunately they won’t take my hub and motion detectors (so sending back to Samsung), as they are switching energy supply and a samsung hub and two smart plugs, for a quid (worth about £140 or so), is part of the deal with Bulb Energy. Already with Bulb myself but thinking of leaving and going back to get the deal (after I check the small print). Bulb are the cheapest supplier I have found with quality support. If anyone wants this deal he found it on hotdeals and is not on Bulb site yet. I will post new thread about it when found myself and confirmed the offer.

The link on Bulb site is: