Globe Suite and ST Integration

Received this message after a review of the Globe Suite app in Google Play:
Our Globe Suite app is now compatible with SmartThings, however some products are still undergoing the “Works with SmartThings” certification process and will update sometime shortly. We are sorry for the inconvenience contact us a…

But you had your devices integrated prior to the release? Back in line December?

I can’t even log into globe suite now with my Tuya login, since I only have a login for Smart Life.

I just recently I’ve tried to install and use Globe Suite and could login with Tuya credentials only devices were not recognized in ST integration.

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so, the carrot again :smiley:

Fore who wants to set level. Check if your device works with smartlife.
if so you can make webhooks to set levels from 10 to 100%.
Make smartapp with Webcore and connect pistons to ifft applets.

Mine did. They were Gosund. No longer support by Globe Suite

I think most people, if not all, now realise that the Globe integration with SmartThings will only work with Globe manufactured/branded devices (not with other Tuya partners devices, such as Lohas etc).

If your device manufacturer does not have an integration in place, then your options include:

  1. To contact the manufacturer of your product them asking if they have plans to put an integration in place.

  2. See if you can use IFTTT and/or WebCore to work in place of the integration.

  3. If your requirements are not too complicated, like mine, with just a few Lohas (a Tuya partner) lights and some ST motion sensors then you may be able to use some virtual devices (switches/sensors) in place of the integration. This works very well with my setup (been using it for a couple of weeks with zero issues). I actually prefer it to the Globe integration as it has allowed me to learn some new processes.

  4. Switch to a brand that does support ST.

There may be other options I am unaware of.

I myself did try to contact Lohas but it quickly became apparent that they are not worth communicating with and it seems will not be offering an integration. I gave up emailing them after their requests for me to send them videos of my devices not working.

Also, if anyone was hoping that Tuya themselves might offer an integration or somehow be able to persuade Globe to have a rethink and allow other manufacturers devices to piggyback thorough their app/integration. This will not be happening.

An email I received from Tuya exec office (after I explained the Globe situation and asked if Tuya themselves might be able to offer some form of generic integration), stated:

“it is dependent on Tuya’s Brand Partner preference to utilize different capabilities of the Tuya Platform. Not all our Brand Partners will use all of our capabilities; of course there are integration costs associated with each of those capabilities.”


“Also, so that you know Tuya is currently in development with many industry leaders in the lighting space. Many of them being very strong legacy brands. Perhaps you saw our Global Partnership announcement with Ledvance/Sylvania. This summer you will see many of those brands products come to market on the Tuya Platform; while offering new technology (Circadian Rhythms, Dual WiFi Band, & Dual BLE+WiFi, etc.) all at very aggressive pricing for consumers. It will be a very exciting summer for the connected lighting space and the Smart Home as a whole.”


" In the instance of Globe compatibility, I don’t know if that was a change directed by Smartthings or Tuya/Globe"


I can’t seem to find any Globe branded bulbs or any other smart devices in the UK. Am I missing something?

There are a few but hard to find. Try searching for globe electric in quotes. Not a lot of choice so maybe give them a miss. Link deleted. Not smart.

Cannot find any either. Was sure I saw some before but all seem to be in US .

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Is seems to be a dog’s dinner of a mess. Have similar with Magic Home with my LED lights. Do you have any recommendations for ST compatible LEDs controllers. All seem to be Magic home any from one I’ve sourced in China that reports to be Smartlife and hopefully globe/ST compatible.

Does anyone have a list of ‘official’ globe compatible bulbs. Just starting with ST and buying a couple of different devices to test. I have 40 smart life device in there SL product. The plan was to slowly unlink from smart life and re install in to Globe so that ST sees them and I can do some Applets in both ST and IFTTT. But if some devices are not compatible with ST integration then I need to rethink my strategy. Too many acronyms :exploding_head:

Thanks andy

Have you considered whether any of your magic home controllers will run tasmota ? I just flashed 3 old teckin plugs (Which used to work with ifttt, then globe suite but not at all) using tuya convert (No soldering, it’s an OTA flash using a raspberry pi) You then use this smart app to bring them under ST control - [RELEASE] Tasmota (Connect) for Sonoff, Tuya, SmartLife & other ESP8266 devices)

It’s less complicated than it seems from this thread.

Globe Electric is a Canadian device manufacturer. Their SmartThings integration works only with devices of their own brand.


If it’s not one of their products, it doesn’t work with their integration. Both the product box and the device itself will have the company name on it.

For devices from other manufacturers, first look for their brand in the smartthings app. If it’s not there, see the community FAQ for other possible options:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

And specifically regarding Ifttt and smartlife, see the following thread:

Smartlife -> IFTTT integration to end on May 26, 2020


Zooz, Qubino, Fibaro and Monoprice all make LED strip controllers that work with SmartThings.

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Which makes sense. I never understood why people started to DEMAND the integration to work NOW, when they didnt event had bought Globe products.


Lookie what I found!!!


the “switches” in my “Global Suite” dose not show in up in Smartthings after link the Global Suite account to Smartthings.

that one “Smart life” actually is not working when you try to link together it will show the network err

Are your switches “globe manufactured” devices? Only Globe devices will work in this integration.