Globe Suite and ST Integration is Broken

@Toby311, Yes, you can try to connect tuya zigbee devices. They might have a matching fingerprint for a zigbee DH. What device are you trying to connect exactly?

I want to connect to this . Do you think it is ok?

Globe Electric have sent out an email update, part of which I quote below:

“We appreciate your patience during this time. We are now excited to announce that the integration should be completed by end of January/Early February! You’ll be able to easily connect your Globe Suite app to SmartThings and enjoy our Globe Smart Home products.”


@Toby311 Yes, those should be working, but you need to look around what will be the DH for it.
There was another user before who used the single switch version with ST. (From different brand but it was designed for tuya originally.)

This thread mentions the built in DH works with 2 gangs.

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Thanks for the link. However, I just contact with the supplier of the switch that i mentioned, they said that it did not work with Smart thing hub and recommended the tuya zigbee hub. Do you think I should go for the switch anyway and try the DH method?

I would be surprised if it wouldn’t work. But you can find similar zigbee tuya switches from other brands.
Ask Zemismart about this,

I’m really hoping they get the integration fixed soon. I have 9 lights throughout my house that I’m unable to use with ST currently, which is made all the more annoying since I just figured out sharptools and installed a wall mounted touchscreen for control of all my devices.

Have you just tried using webhooks through webcore, or simply a virtual switch tied to an IFTTT applet? No need for globe suite.


Short them I’m just using IFTTT. Small delay sometimes, but works fine. Still waiting for Global Suite to be back on ST.


@Julio8a How do you use IFTTT with lights you use on Tuya/globe suite. Are you using Smartlife or something. I’ve never really got on IFTTT and can’t see any related.

Yeah just using virtual switches to control on and off via IFTTT and smart life.

My only issue with IFTTT proxying is that you can only control on/off. I can’t do things like set color on RGB bulbs and such. Having that native to control via SmartThings would definitely help unify capabilities across the board.

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Glad you mentioned as I haven’t got round to doing this yet. Also having to set up smart life additionally isn’t ideal. Hoping we might have some update from @Globe soon as to how it’s coming along and when the update may be released.

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