Global cache


I’m new here

as is done home theater control
there are integration with global cache

sorry, I do not speak english very well

I use python scripts to execute iTach commands. If you have a Mac, I wrote an application called HAM Bridge that runs these scripts from SmartThings.

have any solution for windows

There is no official integration. And nothing simple.

If you can program on a laptop, there are people who have written their own interfaces.

If you want to control a television, the official SmartThings method is to use the Logitech Harmony Home Control remote instead.

Not right out of the box. Macs have python, BASH, and AppleScript (a system wide inter-application scripting environment) built-in, so they are ideal candidates for automation. With that said, you could install python on windows, and if you’re willing to run a web server along with a server side process like PHP, it would be doable. But a lot more work for much less capability, plus you’d have to run a PC 24/7. Mac Mini’s use less power than a light bulb, and can be had on eBay for a hundred or two.

Very little horsepower is required as my app is just a simple http server that executes scripts based on GET requests, which are simple to send from SmartThings, iRule, Tasker, and just about everything.

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Thank you so much…