Giveaway-Osram Lightify Gateways

Does anybody have any use for these? I have 5 I don’t need and will happily give them away, shipping not included.

These are the Gateways only. Not the bulbs.

I have no use for them and hate to create landfill.

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I can make us of them, but sure how to contact you make this happen.


Hi Shawn. I sent you a PM

Hello Mike, I would like to reserve one for myself. How much does shipping to Germany with PayPal cost? Thanks and regards


I will check. I’m not positive but you might want to make sure these will work in Germany. They were purchased in the US.

Can you send me the address in a PM and I’ll check postage

Thank you Mike, it was my mistake - I first had to check your land.
The shipping is not worth it - it will be cheaper if I buy used in Germany on ebay.
Thank you very much.