GitHub Sync

I would love the ability to synchronize my SmartApps with GitHub repos! SmartThings team, can you make that happen?!

Here’s how I’d like my workflow to look like:

  • Edit code on my local machine.
  • Push my code to a GitHub.
  • A GitHub webhook [1] tells SmartThings my code changed.
  • SmartThings grabs my latest code and updates the SmartApp for me.

As an added bonus:

  • Tag a commit with a semantic version [2] number
  • SmartThings sees a new version
  • SmartApp is automatically published (if it compiles, of course)


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+1 on this for sure. I use github for all my SmartThings code already, and not having to copy and paste into the IDE would be amazing!

I agree, I’m waiting for something like this until I get into coding for my smartthings.