Github SmartThings Public Repo Updates: DevWs-acceptance for Icl "Roger Company BM..."

I use Github notifications for the SmartThings public repo. Every day there are hundreds of updates like “DevWs-acceptance for Icl Roger Company BM containing containing DevWS Test: RogerAPISubmission” or something similar. What are these doing? I’m sure they are automated tests of some type, but they only started about a year ago. Before then, all the notification were of actual code changes (and hence far more useful).

I’ve seen the same and ended up filtering them out. No clue what they are, though.

If you look at the branches, you can see that ST changed the way how the GitHub deployment goes. There is master, staging, deployed, etc and the changes pushed to many other branches.
I am not an GitHub guru, but it looks like the many other branches are the individual developer workspaces (DevWS), for different test environments probably. Must be all automated for testing purposes. But definitely confusing for any simple user.