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After conversations with people in IRC, I’ve created a Github organization ( for hosting SmartApps and Device Types. If you want to create your own projects in that org, pm me your Github username and I’ll add you.

I’m ‘speteor’ on github. Please add me. Thanks!

@speteor Done

@austinrfnd on github :slight_smile:

@austinrfnd Added

“Goochy” on Github



@tgauchat added

Before it gets to out of hand, we should come up with some rules of order. Most other organizations have rules about contributing.


  • Repos should have a standard naming convention
  • Repos should be approved.
  • “Proving” membership; either having a well-rounded git portfolio, contributing to a number of other projects, etc.
  • Projects should have standards
  • Style Guide (spaces over tabs)
  • Common headers (perhaps to include the URL of the organization)
  • Commit Message standards.

There’s no harm in having someone applying for membership and be denied. If they are unfamiliar with git(or github) or have not contributed to organizations with standards before, they are MORE than welcome to have their project hosted by a member and the other member can accept the pull requests from their person repo.

I’m not super concerned about most rules at this point as this is more a way to get code in the same place as opposed to enforcing my coding standards on people. I also don’t have any real interest in approving projects/repos. The goal is not to exclude things.

I do want to have a naming convention though. Right now I like the and convention. Are there other types of things we’ll need to host?

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