Github Integration for UK users

I guess it’s because HA is nothing over here like it is in the US. Most people over here dont know what HA is.

This is reflected by the fact that Smartthings is only retailed by Currys over here.

This isn’t a good thing. Your average Currys customer won’t have a clue about ST, and I’m sure the staff aren’t going to be able to tell you much!

It doesn’t bode well for the future of ST in the UK, I can’t see much demand coming from ‘general’ Currys customers, so demand to support and develop the UK experience won’t be that strong.

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Hi - I wanted to install Rule machine on my UK ST Hub using the info from here: Complete Instructions to install Rule Machine & GitHub into IDE [DEPRECATED]

Given this thread and just to be sure, does this mean I won’t be able to integrate ‘Rule machine’ for UK ST? Thanks.

You can still use Rule Machine - it just means that (without the ability to integrate Github on UK accounts) you will have to update Rule Machine manually in the IDE when the developer releases an update. (Well, that’s my understanding anyway!)

Thank you @Pbrain. I re-read some other posts and found one mentioning pasting code. Somethings there finally ade sense for me. Have just attempted that and will play with it. Thanks again.

This is just unacceptable now. I want to start adding from GitHub but the only way is to go and grab the source code, copy it then log in on the uk server and add it manually with no updates.

Additionally we can’t use IFTTT which is one of the main things I want to do at the moment. This I the building blocks of the smart home and we are totally left out in th cold. Sure I can get round a lot of things but I want the bells and whistles smart home I was sold!

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@jimrobo pasting the code does work very well, whilst the Github integration just makes things a little easier. If you set up a Github account then you can fork or follow the repositories that contain the code you are pasting from, and from there you can at least monitor whether there are any changes to the repositories you are interested in…this is perhaps the next best thing to Github integration.

Also, I have IFTTT working well here in UK - have you tried it recently. I just ran a test creating a recipe with a IFTTT DO button and it turned on a SmartThings switch instantly. If you have tried it, and need some help from the forum, then to keep the discussions on topic perhaps you could post on this forum…

…and myself or others might be able to help

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IFTTT works fine as far as I can tell.

The GitHub integration not working is a real pain, especially for things like Rule Machine which is updated every 5 minutes :wink:

…Also for ongoing projects like getting the Fibaro 3.2 motion sensor working in the UK, which ST have not done yet.

Please give us integration :persevere:

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I can confirm what John says - IFTTT works just fine.

But the lack of GitHub integration is becoming a massive bugbear! Not just for Rule Machine (although that would be nice), but for all kinds of other things too.

PLEASE can this get sorted soon?


Apologies it appears I jumped the gun a little with IFTTT!

I haven’t fully implemented it. I am having a bit of a nightmare with my LifX bulbs! The IFTTT was next on my list. As it happens I am going to completely switch to hue by the looks of it.

You could also look at Osram lightify, especially if they ever come on promotion again like the recent Amazon deal for £15

I returned the lifx for the hue starter yesterday. Its a huge improvment…it actually works!! And theres zero delay. Now i have to work out how i originally integrated all of my routines/rule machine stuff to use the new bulbs and now I have 3, attempt to add them in correctly at all the right colour/brightness.

I woke up to a 5 am wake up light totally in error this am(thanks hue labs!), walked into the kitchen to be greeted with a 100% brightness red light. Work needed on my ever more complexing setup!!

@Aaron - any update on this? Do you know what’s happening? Do we have an ETA?

With so many changes and so many smart apps, this is becoming a bit boring. Please may we have an update?

The short answer is, I do not have any updates. We have been focusing a significant level of effort on expanding platform capacity/stability/health. I promise this is on the list, I am just not sure the timeline. I am keeping this on the radar and will provide updates when I have them. Thanks for the patience!

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Perhaps you could emphasise, internally, just how important this is for many of us.

Surely the coding exists. What’s making it such a big delay to release?

And is there any expectation the the Euro will become aligned with us releases?

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Wish I had seen this before I went out and brought a Smartthings hub. Wanted to link it with Homebridge. Hope Github is added soon :unamused:

Having to manually cut and paste code currently. Works but I miss out on all the bug fixes. Surely this is simple to resolve?

It’s one of the most annoying things about ST for many UK users. If you read the top of this thread @April said it was a priority, but that was nearly six months ago. Since then, @Aaron said that it is “on the list”, but kind of implied that it was no longer a priority.

I bet if more ST support staff liked on this side of the pond it would get fixed, pronto!

I’ve just got my hub and have been using the GitHub integration and then I go back in and the buttons have disappeared ! What is it with this platform, either it should be there and work, or not be there, but it is flaking.

I was wanting to pull from the main github SmartThingsPublic branch, but it keeps flaking in and out.


ST seem to have lost interest in enhancing / fixing the UK platform - probably because of the fundamental flaws in the product that have now manifested themselves worldwide. UK support are pretty well saturated with other issues I suspect, If you look at the frequency of responses here in the community from UK ST staff it has significantly reduced in recent weeks/months . It appears that the UK guys don’t have a lot of clout within their own company in getting things fixed. All ST’s available development resource quite understandably is now hands on deck fixing the current platform ‘meltdown’ failings.

ST stated a while back that they had completed their part of International oAuth fixes and that it was now down to the third party developers to implement it and so sort of washed their hands of ongoing issues. It’s very disappointing therefore that fundamental ST parts like this GitHub integration remain broken despite being promised by ST as a high priority months back. It’s not right to shift the ownness for the missing UK features to developers. GitHub and UK is just not a priority currently.

Adding and maintaining custom smart apps and device handler code on ST is absolutely not user friendly currently - it’s way beyond most average users. Even for the tech savvy not having an easy way of knowing when updated code is published and an easy way to apply it (as in GitHub integration) is shamefull. It also makes the platform unattractive to develop for.

This last aspect is sad. Developers are getting frustrated and steering clear until things are resolved. I look at the product as ‘it is what it is’ - it doesn’t work currently but hopefully it will in the future. Until then I’m avoiding using it for any automation purpose as it just fails and causes frustration. You waste hours/days chasing problems that aren’t fixable. However I’m keeping an eye on it for the future as ST are one of the only companies in a position to bring home automation to the mass market.

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