GitHub integration be available in UK

I am fairly new to Smartthings and new to automation so I may be wrong…
I would like to add a Nest Thermostat to my smart home setup and control it via my Smartthings mobile app…
There is a lot of information on the web, however I now found the Smarttings IDE and GitHub integration only works in USA - so it is quite difficult to add the NST Manager.smartapp.
I feel that Samsung Smartthings is lacking in providing a fully integrated and simple to use solution.
For example
No Nest thermostat support
No ability to post a spoken notification via a Google home speaker ( ie fridge door is open)
Very expensive smart home web camera

When will GitHub integration be available in UK please ?

So far I have it basically turning on/off lights which I could have achieved by just using the Phillips Hue.
Smartthings starter set
Phillips Hue
Google Home and mini
Nest thermostat on order

Update - From the IDE I created a new HOME location so I had 2 by mistake… I then deleted Home and it deleted everything - all my devices etc. I have been trying to add my devices back in. The presence sensor and my mobile phone are still failing - mobile phone gives could not create mobile presence device due to no lat-lon

This is getting a little annoying.
IDE should have a backup/restore or versioning option

More information required on message no lat-lon not sure what it is talking about my phone looks ok.


GitHub integration is already available in the UK? I know because I am using it…

I think this is the link

I think it can do all of the things you are looking (checkout the Speaker Companion smart app for the fridge door alert).

It’s certainly not a “fully integrated and simple to use solution”. It’s amazing what it can do but it does take some lateral thought some times.