Ghosts App Execution

I wrote a SmartApp that lets me provide the following:

  • Execution Time
  • Pick Thermostat
  • Set Heating and Cooling Time
  • Set Lights to Turn On
  • Set Lights to Turn Off
  • Mode
  • Name

At one time I had this app running each morning at 6:00 AM. However, I
decided that was too late so I updated the time to 05:45 AM and clicked the
update button. The scene started running at 5:45 AM but to my surprise
continued to run at 6:00 AM. Eventually 6 became 6:01, 6:02, etc. I have
no idea why the app is still running at ~6:00 AM when there is no installed
app setup to run at this time. I’ve even removed any time executions of
the app and this morning the scene still ran (I missed what time this

Any ideas?..

Thanks and any help you can provide will be appreciated.

UPDATE: Looks like something is holding on to old apps. When I try to remove one or more of my smart apps it tells me I cannot remove them because they are being used. I never shared any of my apps and my two devices do not have any apps listed as being installed. Trying to understand the issue now but wanted to update the post just in case someone else is having the same issue and knows how to resolve.

@derrickjackson - Send an email to and describe the behavior of not being able to delete your SmartApps - they’ll try and help you track it down.


Thanks @dlieberman. I actually contacted support first and Ryan did say he would pass on my issue to the developers but also suggested that I post to the forums for all to see. This situation is truly odd. I have no smart apps installed but when I view my smart apps they are showing that 1 user is using each of them yet I dont dont have any of them installed nor have I shared any of them out yet.

I just figured out my “problem”. While I was running the simulator I never properly uninstalled the app when I was done testing. This caused the “Ghost App Execution”

@derrickjackson - Ah, that makes sense. One of the things that we think makes the IDE Simulator so powerful is that it inserts itself directly into your physical graph so you can test your SmartApps with any combination of real and virtual devices - but as you’ve found, that feature can also have its drawbacks. I’ll chat with our engineering team about whether there are ways to limit issues like yours without compromising the value of the simulator.

And don’t change the name of the App without first uninstalling. You may leave scheduled events running that show in your log under the old app name. Trying to uninstall was fun. Had to go back and rename the app to the old name to get I to kill the rogue process.

Wish I had “ps - ef |grep” and good old telnet term to the hub. Be so much easier.


kill -9

Thanks for the input everyone. It actually was good troubleshooting this. Forced me to learn more about smartApps.

Does this experience not bring up the question of why not just use the IDE to install SmartApps?

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