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I am either asking if this exist or if this could be made. So I have see vacation apps but is this possible. So for a week or so you have a tool monitor your house while you are home. It keeps track of where you walk in the house what you do, when thermostats get turned on, when watering schedules happen… You put that in a log. Go on vacation for a week and it plays back everything while you are gone.

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That’s actually a cool idea - pretty simple I would think - I know there is an app to log things to a spreadsheet - wonder if there is a good way to read a spreadsheet back in for inputs…interesting idea!

I just created a few rules that closely mimicked my behaviour in rule machine. Then I used vacation director to randomly turn on a light here and there for 5-10 minutes, like someone is going into a random room.

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Someone actually wrote this one (a long, long time ago) because it’s actually cleverly easy l if the SmartThings logs are reliable.

Every Device keeps 7 days of Events. The SmartApp user selects all Actuator Devices of interest and the SmartApp reads the n-7 day’s hour of events and triggers them… And repeat.

Do you remember what it is called. Rules machine would be ok but to actually mimic your actual movements would be a lot better I would thing. The thieves now days actually sit there and watch your house for a few day and eventually they would see that you are not home because they now your movements. If anyone knows that this has been written could you let the rest of us know what it is called.

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I wish I did! It was such a long time ago, it might have even been on the old board (and I’m not sure if everything was copied over into the “Archives” categories when they converted to here).

I did some searching and the idea came up again, but didn’t see a solution posted. I’m tempting to try developing something … at least a proof-of-concept rough cut – though the solution has some drawbacks due to scheduler hiccups (the scheduler has pretty important role) and sometimes the Event log might be out of order and not the best source of information? Pull up your Event log manually for a few devices in the API/IDE screens and see if you walk through it and if it represents accurate turn on / turn off order of stuff! The project is only motivational if it works; and right now the platform is too unstable for it to work reliably and it would be hard to debug.

In the meantime, just for convenience, found a link to a pretty good “random event” Vacation SmartApp by @scottinpollock

Should be no need to use external data storage (though possible to read / write via http: REST-API commands). Believe it or not, my instinctual idea for this over 2 years ago was to use a ThingShield to write the data to an SD-Card on an Arduino… and then read them back! I think that would still work, actually. All ZigBee, and could someday be local if the custom device built is approved for local execution or they add developer mode to the Hub.

Regardless… 7 days of Events are readable directly from the Cloud using supported API commands. A couple times, SmartThings has needed to wipe out the Event log due to database migration or something.

Thieves don’t sit around for days logging everyone habits. If they were they would be monitoring vehicles and entry to the house, not that your kitchen turns on at 5:30 and turns off at 5:37. And they won’t be waiting weeks or months to waiting for you to go on vacation.

Vacation Lighting Director can be found the marketplace. A perfect smartApp would be programming you normal routine, for example; get home at 5 go to bed at 11, living room light on during this time. But the start and end time is randomized by up to 15 minutes each way. This would prevent people looking for the timed lights (aka Home Alone style)

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Walking into to rooms and lights coming on because you have to hit the head or get up to get a beer is very hard to randomize in a 15 minute schedule. For now I will have to go with a vacation schedule program but I would think that it would be cool to have something like this.

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@scottinpollock do you have the code for your I’m on Vacation app available anymore?? Many thanks!