Ghost routine called “Alert with lights” randomly turning on some lights on arrival

Hi. I have a ghost! There is a random routine (I think it’s a routine) called “alert with lights” that is turning on some of my lights when I arrive (ONLY when I arrive not when my girlfriend arrives as there is only two of us in the household). I use the smartthings app on my phone as a presence sensor while my girlfriend uses the Life360.

Any help? I have already opened a ticket but figured I’d ask the smartest people I know which is the smartthings community this.

Actually it does seem to be the smart home monitor. But only the “alert with lights” tripping even when not set. As in disarmed. Also the Alarm doesn’t ring on my Sonos. What could Ben happening?

in practice, Life360 has been more reliable than smartthings cellphone presence, to trigger smartthings mode changes.

So when you are getting home, then sometimes SmartHomeMonitor is not disarming for you.

Ah thank you for this. I have changed now to use Life360 only