Ghost devices with new advanced interface

Having trouble with devices not responding or long delays. Did a network repair which shows 4 unknown devices, but all the instructions for finding and dealing with these seem to be for the ide interface. Anyone know how to troubleshoot with the new advanced interface? Thanks.

The methods described for removing a Z-Wave or Zigbee ghost device using the IDE require creating a new device and assigning the network ID of the ghost device to it. I don’t know of a way to manually create a Z-Wave or Zigbee device using any available tools; ST CLI, Advanced Web App, or the published APIs.

@JDRoberts ideas?
@orangebucket Any undocumented APIs that could help here?

I’ve seen mention that in current versions of hub firmware, it should clean up ghost devices on its own after a few days. Now that you’ve done the repair, perhaps wait a day or three to see if things clear up.

I have not seen any way to do this in the new architecture, and to be honest, that’s probably a good thing. You shouldn’t have to trick a zwave network in that way. :thinking:

But what we should have is a zwave replace utility, which is part of the independent third-party standard, but I haven’t seen any way to do that in the new architecture, either, and that would be a missing piece. FWIW…


The unknown device issue for me started recently after one of the firmware updates. This never happened for me when I was using it in the IDE. I haven’t added or removed a Zwave device in months and now all the sudden I see the unknown devices. The last time I did anything with Zwave was several months ago when I added 2 more V3 hubs. I removed all of my Zwave devices and then added them to one of the new hubs and the Zwave repair ran without issue. I have no issue with Zwave or response time etc. Somedays there is one unknown device and then sometimes there are two or three and then the next day there is one again. For me at least I believe that this is due to a firmware update or the Zwave repair utility is not reporting correctly.

There seem to be more undocumented API calls than there are documented ones. Unfortunately there are also lots more security scopes than the ones made available in PATs and Webhook apps and I think there is a good chance they may be needed for this sort of thing. I’d be surprised if all the functionality we crave isn’t ready and waiting, I just think we are in an awkward point in the transition.

So would anyone have any ideas to solve unreliability and delays that may be caused by ghost devices?