Ghost automation

Installed a GE hinge pin contact sensor. It keeps automating my porch light with no smartapp programed. I’ve tried deleting devices and re-adding, rebooting etc and can’t make it stop. Any help would be appreciated

There are a couple of possibilities.

The first thing is to check smart home monitor and see if by chance you set up one of the “all sensors” options, because then those will trigger without having anything for the individual sensor set up.

You need to check the set up for both the “armed Home” arm state and the “armed away” arm state as they can be different.

Next check the individual sensor itself.

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) tap On the rooms icon (four tiny squares) at the bottom of the screen

  1. select “things” at the top of the rooms screen to get the list of all your devices.

Four) scroll down until you find the sensor that is giving you a problem. Then tap on its name (not the icon on the left or right of it, just the name) to open up its details page.

  1. on the details page, click on smart apps at the top of the page to get a list of any smart apps that are set up to use the sensor. You can then select each one to go through its set up wizard and see how it is using that sensor.

Six) also on the details page for the sensor, you can click on “recently” at the top of the page to see The messages for when it is doing something.

Seven) repeat these six steps, but this time do it for the light which is coming on, and look in the recently to see exactly what automation is triggering it to come on.

There is one other possibility, which is that you somehow set up direct association between the sensor and the light, but that’s less likely unless you intentionally set it up that way.

Did as you described including deleting all smartapps and the devices themselves and no luck

I didn’t say to delete them, we just want to identify what is doing it and then decide on the next steps.

So try doing this.

Open the door so the light comes on.

Then check the recently for the light, and see what is listed there to indicate why that light came on.

Then we can work backwards from that.

Did you get a chance to check the smart home monitor settings?

Sorry for the confusion. Both recently tabs just show the change of state but not what triggered the change. Really strange

And there’s nothing in your notifications stream?

Nope. Even tried to override behavior to by making a smarttapp that would turn light on at sensor close after sunrise so the light would stay on when the door is shut but no luck. Still on with door open and off with door close. It’s like the two work in tandem as the same device

What’s the brand and model of the zwave switch that is coming on?

Everything is GE Jasco. Switch and contact sensor

Model number of the Switch?

Also, by any chance did you use a minimote to add the sensor to the network when you installed it?

Also did you have the switch installed before or did you install them both at the same time?

OK thanks for the help just used exclusion mode to delete device and re-add and that fixed it

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