Ghost apps running... how to uninstall?

Okay, it appears that I have at least two ghost apps running. What I think I did was install an app in the simulator using actual devices that I have, then navigated away from the page before uninstalling them. They are still running in the background but don’t show up on my mobile app at all so I can’t uninstall them.

Anyone run into this before? How do you get rid of them?

Go to your apps page in the IDE, the ones that are installed will show the location on the far right in a blue tag. Click the ‘X’. It may reappear on refresh but it should be gone after 30 seconds or so.

Other Methods-
You can also go into the app that is still running, choose a location, the button will then say update, not install. Click update, then click uninstall.

Also, if you go to a device on your phone that is being used by that app, tap the tile in the device that says my apps or whatever. It will show in the list, you can update and uninstall from there.