GHome TTS, and Vizio TV/Smartcast integrations?

(Will) #1

Howdy, relatively new to ST, and was wondering if ST has GHome TTS of some sort? I have searched, and either I don’t know how to phrase the search correctly, or just suck at searching. Home Assistant does TTS to GHome, so I know it can be done, but I am not a programmer or know anything about how it would work. I just would like to have my GHome give me feedback on certain automations.

Also, are there any integrations with Vizio TVs/Smartcast? I would like to be able to ask GHome to turn on/off TV, or get the power status of the TV if that is possible.

Thanks for any help on these subjects!

(Trevor Cobb) #2

google home can already turn on vizio smartcast tv’s as of january of this year. what would be great IMO is if it could also turn them off.

(Will) #3

Yes, of course. I have known I can turn the TV on with the GH, off would be a good addition also. But I am more interested in feedback from the GH in using TTS. As an example… When I get home, I would like to have the GH speak to me and tell me things that are going on in my house. Like, the current temperature, or what not.