GHome TTS, and Vizio TV/Smartcast integrations?

Howdy, relatively new to ST, and was wondering if ST has GHome TTS of some sort? I have searched, and either I don’t know how to phrase the search correctly, or just suck at searching. Home Assistant does TTS to GHome, so I know it can be done, but I am not a programmer or know anything about how it would work. I just would like to have my GHome give me feedback on certain automations.

Also, are there any integrations with Vizio TVs/Smartcast? I would like to be able to ask GHome to turn on/off TV, or get the power status of the TV if that is possible.

Thanks for any help on these subjects!

google home can already turn on vizio smartcast tv’s as of january of this year. what would be great IMO is if it could also turn them off.

Yes, of course. I have known I can turn the TV on with the GH, off would be a good addition also. But I am more interested in feedback from the GH in using TTS. As an example… When I get home, I would like to have the GH speak to me and tell me things that are going on in my house. Like, the current temperature, or what not.