GH Connector (Google Home)


(Chals) #1


Automatically register your Google home device to Smartthings by GH Connector.

I think this is similar to the Cast Web API.
So if you are already using it, you will not need this.


a. Raspbery pi or Synolgy Nas


a. WEB UI.
b. TTS
c. Web Server for mp3 file of your Nas
d. Make a virtual device with mp3 playlist



  1. Install an API Sever on docker of raspbery pi or synology nas
  2. Install a Smartapp & DTH on Smartthings IDE
  3. Install a GH Connector Smartapp on the smartthings app.
  4. Set local ip address in the blank.

Raspberry pi

You must install a docker first.

sudo mkdir /docker
sudo mkdir /docker/gh-connector
sudo chown -R pi:pi /docker
docker pull fison67/gh-connector-rasp:beta
docker run -d --restart=always -v /docker/gh-connector:/config -v /yourMp3Folder:/music1 --name=gh-connector-rasp --net=host fison67/gh-connector-rasp:beta
Synology nas

You must install a docker first.

make folder /docker/gh-connector
Run Docker
-> Registery 
-> Search fison67/gh-connector (beta version)
-> Advanced Settings
-> Volume tab -> folder -> Select gh-connector & Mount path '/config'
-> Volume tab -> folder -> Select MP3 Folder & Mount path '/music1'
-> Network tab -> Check 'use same network as Docker Host'
-> Complete

(Alcopop2006) #2

Hi Chals, thanks again for your superb work on making these device handlers. Sorry to have to bother you again.

I’ve been using your Mi Connector for sometime and it’s excellent. I had previously installed a cast-web device handler but it was running inconsistently as I had struggled to add the Node Js to my raspberry pi so used an android tablet instead. I’ve attempted to install your GH connector and have gotten stuck. When I’ve gone into the app and put the IP address I get taken to a login screen? Not sure what to do here or whether I’ve missed something?

Also not sure whether this is the best place to ask but I’ve attempted several times to use my raspberry pi for other purposes. At the minute I’ve only managed to install Hypriot with the Mi Connector on. Everytime I’ve attempted to install something else, I never seem to manage. Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Chals) #3

Defualt account
admin / 12345

You have to install a beta DTH.

(Alcopop2006) #4

Thanks for that, I’ve gotten a step further I guess. I can access the SmartApp (to increase the volume, change tracks etc) but none of my devices are being added to my Things list. One did when I first logged in but it crashed the app when you pressed it. Reallly appreciate your help :slight_smile:

(Chals) #5

You mean that Google Home devices are not added to Smartthings automatically?

Check your st app url, app id, token on the web of gh connector.
If it’s wrong data, it will not do add devices.