Getting Started


The following might be interesting for you. The great strength of smartthings is, as you mentioned, its flexibility. But that can make it a little difficult to know where to start. It’s not just a matter of unpack the box and set up the seven things that came with the kit. So lots of choices, which is good, but not a lot of guidance.

When you start exploring you should find a lot of ideas that sound intriguing, and if you have any questions or want any more details, just ask. The following thread is a good discussion of different features of different devices and why you might choose one over another. That can be helpful when you’re just starting to think about what you might want to do. It’s mostly focused on the hardware choices. (Each topic title is a clickable link.)

Also a new thread that was started just this week where people are just listing how they are using automation right now. So this one is not about specific device choices, but more about what rules people might want to set up and why. Again, different people will want different things. Anyway, Lots of good ideas there. :sunglasses:

Have fun!

p.s. It sounds like you probably don’t need the following thread, but just in case, I’ll add it as well:

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