Getting SmartThings hub IP, previous update broke app

So developer is a stretch, but I’m trying.

I’ve been using the Lutron Caseta app developed by @njschwartz and @BHO which seems to have been made inoperable by a recent smart things update. In short the prior method for auto-discovering smart-things hubs connected to the network no longer seems to work. I’ve managed to fix things locally specifying the hub IP in the LutronPiServer.js file, but I’d like to get discovery working again as well.

The two files in question are:

// LutronPiServer.js - 2018-07-05 typo corrections
// illustrates how to start the LutronPi server with various bridge options
// Lutron bridge ID is the serial number printed on the bottom of the unit just above the barcode
const mainHomeDir = process.mainModule.paths[0].split('node_modules')[0].slice(0, -1);
var lutronpi = require(mainHomeDir + '/' + 'lutronpi');
// Enter your Bridge specifications (nothing -> Lutron bridge discovery only

lutronpi.startup( );	// with no parameters == Lutron bridge discovery; SmartThings hub discovery
						// OR you can just run 'node lutronpi' directly from the CL ... same thing.

// with parameters: bridge specification, SmartThings hub network address  ... in the form:
// lutronpi.startup( BRIDGE, SMARTTHINGS_IP );

// Lutron bridge discovery, ST hub IP specified
// lutronpi.startup( null, );

// one Lutron bridge specified, authentication user/password will be requested if needed; ST hub discovery
// lutronpi.startup( {type:"Lutron", id:"01ABCDEF", ip:""} );

// one Lutron bridge specified with authentication user/password (not recommended!) ; ST hub discovery
// lutronpi.startup( {type:"Lutron", id:"01ABCDEF", ip:"", auth:{user:"", password:"yabadabadoo"}} );

// two Lutron bridges specified; ST hub network host name specified
// const BRIDGE = [{type:"Lutron",id:"01ABCDEF", ip:""},{type:"lutron",id:"01FEDCBA",ip:""}];
// const SMARTTHINGS_IP = 'st-12EC4A00000230ED';
// lutronpi.startup( BRIDGE, SMARTTHINGS_IP );

// discover Lutron bridges but ignore the one with serial number 01FEDCBA; SmartThings hub discovery
// const BRIDGE = [{type:"Lutron"},{id:"01FEDCBA"}];
// lutronpi.startup( BRIDGE );


I am really hoping this is an easy fix, because lord knows my coding competence will run out before a hard one.

The lutronpi.js file is the one normally run to start the server, I haven’t been able to figure out precisely what is causing the error there.


Did you find a fix? I’m having the same issue.