Getting rid of Tiles in Convenience

I was trying to get my minimote to work and now I have 3 tiles in the convenience window that I no longer want. How do I get rid of them. There is no uninstall button to hit.

Are you referring to a dashboard when you say “convenience window”? If so you can tap the gear icon at the top and then uninstall those tile groups from there.

I have tried that and there is no uninstall button there. I was never able to get the button app to work but it kept giving me the tile in the “convenience window”. I get to the window for button controller and it says tap to set. It never acknowledges the button but creates the tile. I now have three of them with the same conditions.

Sounds like it may be better for you to head over to where you can use the chat feature to work through this.

Otherwise, if you would like to share some screenshots here, it would help to see what you are looking at exactly.