Getting rejoin/join messages from device after getting a SUCCESS from sending a configure reporting request

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I am trying to configure a Smartthings device to be in the configure reporting mode, so that it will send updates back to me periodically. We are now working with a Multipurpose Sensor, a Motion Sensor, and a WaterLeak Sensor
So, my request for configure reporting went in successfully and I was getting the following reply from my device.

source_addr_long : 00 0d 6f 00 0a da 75 e3
cluster : 04 02
rf_data : 08 19 07 00
profile : 01 04

Which means a SUCCESS.

Right after that, there supposed to be packets/messages from the device that has the ZCL command 0x0a that means a ZCL report attribute message. However, we saw a bunch of messages with cluster ID 0x0013, which means the following according to the Zigbee specification document: When Generated
The Device_annce is provided to enable ZigBee devices on the network to notify
other ZigBee devices that the device has joined or re-joined the network,
identifying the device’s 64-bit IEEE address and new 16-bit NWK address, and
informing the Remote Devices of the capability of the ZigBee device. This
command shall be invoked for all ZigBee end devices upon join or rejoin. This
command may also be invoked by ZigBee routers upon join or rejoin as part of
NWK address conflict resolution. The destination addressing on this primitive is
broadcast to all devices for which macRxOnWhenIdle = TRUE.

We have one Zigbee device which accepts the request for configure reporting successfully and sends ZCL report attribute messages properly afterwards. This is not a Smartthings device. So, using the same Zigbee protocol, we actually saw a different behaviour for the 3 Smartthings devices that we have.

Can somebody please help out?

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@tpmanley, can you help here? :slight_smile: