Getting prompted to migrate 'other location' but only have one location in account

Well I have the migration banner (I will save a lecture on the appropriate-ness of this on my account with all the known incompatibility @jody.albritton). I’ll save that list for later.

My problem is its prompting me to migrate my ‘other locations’ and I only have one location in my account. (known fact, I’m in the IDE nearly daily)

Absolutely ZERO way im migrating anything when its showing known errant data.

I did open a ticket a few minutes ago @Brad_ST [09D2DD-M7KP]

Also: There are reports of similar issues in the FB groups this evening of similar location prompts with at least one report of someone going ahead and everything in the location disappearing (unconfirmed - may have created a second location - TBD)

The other two similar issues reported both seem to have ended up creating extra locations ans setting them as default. End result - users appear to have lost everything with a freakout moment…

Have same banner, I am going to ignore it until the end.

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I got the same “other locations” alert. I used to have 2 separate locations (one for work, where I used my phone presence to send an alert to my wife when I was on the way one). But I deleted it since I now WFH.

In trying to reproduce I saw that notice any time I had at least 1 location that had not been migrated, including if I only had 1 location in total. I don’t think there is errant data rather the app’s logic is off, meaning the app is showing that when the number of unmigrated locations for a user is greater than 0 instead of only when greater than 1.

I ran through migrations while only having 1 location and seeing that message and everything transferred as expected. I would encourage you to move forward with the migration and if you receive any errors that you’d like assistance with, let us know.

We’ve also passed the information about the “other location(s)” prompt to the mobile team. Thanks for reporting it!


First attempt at migration failed, with nothing migrated. It was related to the location itself. Multiple reviews in the IDE revealed no ‘second location’ so I looked at the attributes of the location itself.

Nothing looked ‘off’ except under the ‘account’ field of my location it had my email listed twice. Looking at the hub, however where it lists the location it listed my wife’s email address (shes also om the location)

Hmmm this has something to do with the location, what the heck. I went back to the location section, opened my location and flipped to the other one of my emails listed in the account drop down.

Waited a couple minutes for propogagation and retried migration…

Completed successfully.

Im not sure what exactly it is but it had to fo something with which account was listed as the owner of the location.

Background: when my wifes ST account was migrated to ST a couple of years ago we did end up with her account doing the duplicate home location thing. We ended up having to delete a second home location in her account. Im almost positive what I experienced is related to the fallout of that somehow but I’m not sure exactly how. Hooe the info helps your team.

That said. Successful migration vompletet.


i just noticed i have the “Migration notice” too and im hesitant to heed the notice knowing that this exercise does not usually end favorable to me. . .

should i wait?

I may be slightly biased but I’d encourage you to move forward with it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @nathancu!

Based on the logs you were getting a 429 error. This is the first I’ve seen that error during a migration. My guess is that one of the processes timed out but on subsequent, only the items that had yet to be processed were requested. So the multiple attempts basically broke down the transition into chunks. I made sure the dev team took a look at your logs.

Seeing your email listed twice is quite common and is a byproduct of the account migration - SmartThings to Samsung. One is a reference to the original ST account, which gets locked during account migration, and the other is referencing your Samsung account. I call this out in case anyone else gets thrown off by that.

Glad to see the end result was a success! Have a great weekend!


Brad, I’ve been using the new SmartThings app for months since I manually migrated all my a Routines to Automations, and disabled the SHM in the old app and started using the new app STHM in my primary location. All of my primary location Scenes were created in the new SmartThings app since I didn’t use Scenes in the old SmartThings app. But the old SmartThings app is showing the migration notification for my primary location.

I also have a second location which I created in the new SmartThings app for testing the STHM. This location doesn’t even have the Routines option available when I look at this location in the old SmartThings app. I created the second location to test stuff out with the STHM so there’s no physical devices associated with it, just simulated/virtual devices and the STHM. However, I do have the WebCore app installed in this test location which is the only app other than the Virtual Device Creator. This location is showing the migration notification even though it was created in the new SmartThings app. When I select migrate, it only advises that it will do Routines, SHM, and Smart Locks, but none of that has ever been configured or used in this location using the old SmartThings app.

So, what triggers the notification to migrate a location?

And, since I’m not going to select migration as I’ve already done everything in my primary location manually, are there any issues if I never do it? After all, my primary location in the old SmartThings app has no SHM, Routines, or Screens, and if I did select migrate, would that wipe out everything I have configured in the new SmartThings app for my primary location?

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Hi I have done the Migration but do not have any homes or devices in the new app. The only place I can see my devices is in the “All devices” pick. My classic app say my location has been Migrated. When I go into the IDE is two home locations. One is my old one with all my rooms and devices. The other looks like it is for the the New app and has no hub assigned to it. How do you Migrate the device drivers and Apps???

You dont. Its all there. You just need to connect to the right location. Moving stuff around will just break things.

First logout of newapp and log back in and see if that lets you connect to that location before you try anything else.

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If logging out and back in to the new app doesn’t work, then you should contact support to get this fixed.

It’s likely a problem with the backend database the new app uses (which is not the same as what the Classic app and IDE use). Do not try to move things around yourself, as it will probably only make things worse.


Finally went ahead and did the migration.

Im however getting this error prompt.

Is this something i should be concerned about? How do i correct this?

Thanks in advance

Look at any routines you have left in your classic app, any that are left (looks like one) are causing issues for the migration tool (It doesn’t know how to handle them)

Recreate whatever that routine is doing using a combination of automations / scenes and then delete the routine in question. When that’s done re-run migration, it should finish quickly.

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thank you. will do just what you said.