Getting device to respond to "up/down/open/close"

Here’s an interesting challenge I’m running into -

I have a standard ZWave lamp module that controls a motorized projector screen. When the module is ON the projector screen comes down, and when it’s OFF, the screen rolls back up. It works great.

The device is named “projector screen” in ST.

To open the screen through Alexa, I must say:
“Alexa, projector screen on"
"Alexa, open projector screen lights” (not sure why that works, but it does)

What I want to say, but doesn’t work, is:
“Alexa, open projector screen”

I tried making an automation called “open projector screen”, but then I have to say “Alexa, run open projector screen”, which doesn’t sound natural either.

I also tried changing the device handler to a garage door opener, and a few other devices that sounded like they might more natively support up/down/open/close langue, but that just stopped the module from working at all.

Any ideas?

I have one for 'Alexa open the windows’
You need to setup a ‘Routine’ in the alexa app for the device and action then you can name it whatever you like.
If you name it Open Projector Screen Alexa should respond to this
Then create another one called Close Projector Screen
You still need to use the Alexa wake word but the rest you can define


Have you tried creating an Alexa routine named “open projector screen”?
This is possible through Alexa app routines

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That’s excellent! I didn’t know that the Alexa app now supported making routines directly. I had a very old version of the app, because we got our echo before it was officially released in our country.

I “solved” this 2 different concurrent ways:

  1. Set up an automation (both externally via the Arduino controlling my Screen and Projector, and vua Smart Lighting) to lower the screen whenever the projector :film_projector: is turned on, and raise it when projector is turned off. So “Alexa, Turn on the Projector” handles both duties!

  2. Linked a Virtual Switch to up/down and simply trained users to say “Alexa, Turn the Screen on.” or “Alexa, Turn the Screen off.” … Since the opened screen is an “on” screen, right?

Had to get all that working long time before Routines and Scenes existed!