Getting data from sensors

So I’m working on a project for my college capstone and we’ve hit a roadblock. Now that groovy is being deprecated, we don’t have a way to retrieve data from all our sensors. Basically, if we have a bunch of sensors hooked up we want to know every time one of the sensors is triggered and store in a database (postgresql). Is there a way to do this currently? Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

You should be fine for some time. There’s no drop dead date given to us about this.

I forget how I stumbled upon this, but could this kickstart you into the right direction?

It’s dumping into a google sheet, but at worst, someone could manually update your database on a daily/weekly basis, right? (Sadly I was just an end user of SQL at my previous job, I didn’t get to code much so I’m not sure if the sky is the limit or what.)

There is an InfluxDB and Grafana solution in the list and of course many others:

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Not totally, as it is still used for device handlers for hub connected devices. However the days of the Groovy SmartApp are perhaps numbered. For what you are describing, would the SmartThings API (SmartThings Developers | Documentation) perhaps be a better way to go?


I ran through this guide: SmartThings Data Visualisation using InfluxDB and Grafana

It has been working perfectly. I love nerding out on those stats/graphs!


I’m thinking that’s the way to go, thank you. The company we’re doing this for is requiring it not be written in groovy. Thanks!

I hope that the company who you are referring is aware of the fact that SmartThings does not support commercial use.

I use the word company as a way to simplify it. I really mean a faculty member doing research.

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