Getting Color Temperature Range from ST API

I’m unable to get the color temperature range from the ST API. It always returns as NULL. How do I go about getting the range for the particular bulb on ST?

"colorTemperature": {
    "colorTemperatureRange": {
        "value": null
    "colorTemperature": {
        "value": 3500,
        "unit": "K",
        "timestamp": "2024-03-01T04:21:59.959Z"

I think it is probably because it IS null. The only place it currently appears in the stock Edge drivers is in the Matter Switch where the minimum and maximum are read from the hardware, and that was only added a couple of months ago.

There is an open PR dating from the end of February to do the same thing for a number of Zigbee device drivers.

Virtual Lights use it but that’s because the virtual devices splat random default values over everything in sight.

Most of the colour temperature ranges you see are currently being imposed at the presentation level.

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@Slinx If I understand correctly what you want is to see the presentation of the device to see the ranges. For that you can use the following command:

smartthings devices:presentation [ID]

Where [ID] is the device id.