Getting battery status on Schlage FE599NX

I just bought a Schlage FE599NX CAM 619. It paired perfect and works great. The only thing is that it doesn’t seem to report the battery status through the smartapp. I know that the Nexia bridge reports the battery status for this lock.

Does anyone how I can see the battery status?

This is zwave, right? Try the same approach you have implemented for the CT100 zwave thermostat; the zwave commands and reports should be the same.

It sometimes takes a while for the battery level to show up. I would wait a couple days.

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Did you say a couple of days @duncan?

@minollo, the same Z-Wave lock us used for the Schlage Camelot lock and it works fine. Any pointer on what I should be looking at that’s different with this lock? (also zwave)

@duncan you’re right it took 12 hours for the battery status to show up. The refresh button is useless in getting that information. Maybe a bug in the app or device code.