getChildDevices returning devices for wrong instance


I am having problems with a second instance of the same app where getChildDevices seems to be randomly returning devices for the second instance of the app when the first instance is running. It’s almost as if Smart Things is merging the two instances into the same app.

Both have different app IDs and are logging under the correct IDs in the Live Logging but the devices it is updating are getting confused.

Is there an easy work around for this? I’m guessing something like create the app again with a different namespace for the second one?


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If you know the ID of your child device use getChildDevice(Id) instead.

Nope don’t know the ID I’m afraid. It searches through the child devices after getting the list.


Ok so an update here… it looks like its not getChildDevices returning the wrong devices… the parse() handler for the HubRequest response is being called from the other app, not the one that triggered the request.

Any ideas?