"Get your location from this phone" is blank

I’ve been having trouble getting location updates from one specific device: A Pixel 4A. I have 4 other devices I can use without issue. To fix this I rebooted the phone, uninstalled the SmartThings app, got the latest SmartThings app, signed in. When I go to Menu button at the bottom right, select the settings gear at the top right, and choose “Get your location from this phone” I am greeted with a blank page except for the same text “Get your location from this phone.” This means I cannot toggle on location. I have gone through this procedure twice with the same result.

Has anyone experienced this before and found a solution?

Android version?
Location services are enabled?
ST app has appropriate permissions?

One thought - try downloading an older version (March to April of this year) of the ST app from an apk site, install it, see if you can enable Get Location and if successful, update the app to the latest version.

Hopefully someone on the forum will have a better answer for you.

It’s andorid 12 and I gave location access to use all the time. Location services on the phone is on.

I hadn’t thought of grabbing an old apk but that’s a great idea. I have access to that phone this weekend and will try that.

There’s one other thing I didn’t try: deleting app data and cache. It’s possible there’s something odd in google’s cloud backup/restore that’s messing with it.

If that doesn’t work, I do hope there is some kind of solution.