"Get your location from this phone" in new app - renaming the device

Been reading the threads and it appears that there is some issue with the mobile as presence of old within the new app. They were sort of unreliable for my family’s iPhones, so we went with LIfe360 for them and I used the mobile as presence feature on my Android device.

After migrating to new app, the Life360 presence devices were showing up…but not selectable for automation. I enabled “Get your location from this phone” on my Android…so I am the only one I can select in presence based automation. :confused:

In any case, hopefully Sansung and/or the brain trust on these forums will come up with a solution…in the mean time, we will try to enable “Get your location from this phone” on all the family phones and hope for the best.

Now to the question…on setting “Get your location from this phone” is enabled, it generates an invisible devices by concatenating your account name and your device name…which just looks bad. Is there any way to rename that to something like just my first name?!? I tried going into the Classic app and renaming that discovered device, looks like took the name change there, but still shows us as the long unsightly name.


In automations, they can be found under device status

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Might as well give up on this at this time. It will eventually reset to the original name. You can try changing it in IDE but from experience - eventually it will somehow change back. Note: I haven’t tested in some time so things may have changed.

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Appreciate the help @jkp finding where the Life360 devices are location is all I really needed. The renaming of the presence name is not critical…as long as I can get the automations I need working. Hopefully they will address that at some point…and make them them visible devices that you can drop onto your Home screen.

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