Get Serial Number for ST multipurpose sensors

Is the serial number available from Smart App code?

The Smart Things multipurpose sensors ( ) have serial numbers like 690US13J3G2597 printed on the enclosure. Is it possible for Groovy code in a Smart App to access this value? I know that I can get the sensor label and a UUID, but neither is stable or can be verified by looking at the device.

For context, I’m developing a Smart App to connect a few dozen (up to a few hundred) sensors to our modeling & visualization software. I’d like to have a unique ID for every sensor in the database, without requiring the field engineers who install the sensors to enter a bunch of random characters into the Smart App.

I would say that, if anything, you’re more likely to be able to get the MAC Address (or “UID”)… my PEQ (Centralite) Motion, Leak (and probably other) Sensors have this printed on them.

This is network addressing information, so it is likely accessible by the firmware.

If my theory is correct, then, depending on the relevant ZigBee spec, you could have a custom Device Type read and report this. It would then be made a Command callable from a SmartApp.

The short answer is that I’m pretty sure this isn’t built into SmartThings API anywhere.

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