Get ready to make the switch!

Question for the group: So I’m 100% up and running with SHM using SHM Delay, Webcore, ActionTiles, a bit of Alexa, some Fire HD panels and some awesome LED light switches to set the status for quick looks and such. All that works.

Has anyone put together the steps to transfer any of this over to work with STHM? The only thing I tried was to set my alarm and quickly found out that my panels don’t turn it off (which is done via Webcore piston if memory serves). Frankly, it just seems daunting right now.

ActionTiles will only work with SHM and webcore can’t control STHM, so you should probably hang tight on classic for now.

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Will do. Thanks. Hopefully it’ll be an easy jump once everything is fully supported.

This is so not true based on the current configuration of the new app. Still waiting for support to show me how to recreate my very simple I’m Home Routine in the new app using Automations and Scenes. The response from them so far has been nonhelpful. I don’t even use any complex smart apps and the few that I do work fine in the new app. But that is pointless if I can’t get past recreating my I’m Home Routine in the new app.

Classic app - Routine I’m Home

Turn on these lights or switches - Garage Heater, Garage Lights, Laundry Room Lights, Living Room 1, Living Room 2 and Living Room TV

Change the Mode to Home

When to Run - Someone Arrives - Which - Person 1, Person 2 Minimum Away Time 5 mins

Advanced Options - Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes - Bedtime, Home, Night

Push Notification - Yes

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Be glad you don’t have products from a company that begins with N, ends with T and has E and S between. :wink: I’d take the ST migration any day over their transition to the BIG G


Everything you’ve asked can be done, and I’m already doing it - except the minimum away time.

Maybe adjust your presence timeout in the IDE?

Please show your work.




This is not the same thing. This will run even if it is already in home mode or any other mode.

This is the key thing that is missing.

Advanced Options - Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes - Bedtime, Home, Night

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…so you like to be slowly tortured instead of getting the straight bullet, huh? LOL

Ok so I got my STHM to work by uninstalling that smart app and reinstalling it. Now my scenes are not fully working. For example my whole family just left and I checked on everything and the alarm is set but my front door is unlocked. I checked and it is set to lock in the scene but it didn’t send the lock command according to the history in the lock. I manually locked it through the app. And it locked. How do I get the routine to execute every command properly?

Yeah, true my apologies. I guess that advanced requirement wasnt in scope for me even though we do see the automation run when a sensor arrives and it doesn’t bother us.


You can create a virtual switch that sets when any of those conditions are meet and use that in your automation.

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I’m with you - we need to be able to use the location in both the IF and THEN statements … Until then, I separated my location modes from presence. I only use presence to arm/disarm STMH and I’m using the location modes to determine time of day.

One thing I noticed, and mentioned earlier in this thread is that when one member is home and another one arrives, it runs the automation again. I’m limiting that arrival event to disarming STHM actions (and I’m debating if I want it to open my garage door), so it doesn’t hurt to have it run again.

One downside is that my phones are arming STMH even if I might have a guest still in the house (babysitter, grandparents, etc) which are not members of my ST Household. To address this I made a “Guest” mode and I’m only running the going away automation when mode is not “Guest”.


Just found an issue for my scenes/automatuons

I need to be able to turn the thermostat system to off, not just change the temp. The Temps I have my tstat set to vary throughout the year.

Can you control the Thermostat Mode, like in this screenshot (I use NST Manager).

Yes, in classic, not new app. It’s ecobee.

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I shouldn’t have to. That’s the whole point. I shouldn’t have to create a workaround just to make the new app work like the classic app. This is basic function of the device. I’m home shouldn’t run again when the 2nd person comes home. Sometimes I work late at night and if the house is already in night mode, it should let run the normal home mode just because I arrive later. This turns on lights and the tv and then I get yelled at for waking people up.


I’m glad someone else here sees the same issue. There is absolutely no reason why the additional function was left out. I don’t even understand why the got rid of routines and split it up into two different things. But the least they could have done was make it function the same way. The fact I keep getting ignored from tech support via email and on here speaks is disappointing. I two other people I turned on to ST as well and personally have 3 hubs at 3 locations. I’m going to start looking into other options so at least I’m prepared if they decide not to fix this. Disappointing.

I don’t think you are being ignored. This topic was discussed earlier in the thread and is being discussded internally. Feedback from support tickets and communtiy posts is definitely being analyzed and discussed.