Get ready to make the switch!

Sure thing.

skip to 51.12 with @mark.benson ST head of engineering… “What’s happening on the back-end?”

56.23 specifically talks about the Groovy IDE… in 2021.

It’s a good listen.


I can only sympathize from afar now, but I take your caution seriously. The hardware (and software) industry is littered with products launched before their primetime and faltered with bad management. Cheers for the bluntness.

Our light switches arrived today; the hub is on the way here.

Your warning isn’t in a vacuum: while Smart Things is still figuring itself out, the Project CHIP open-source initiative posted their latest update today. Standardization in 2021 and presumably products sometime after.

Samsung Smart Things is one of the Promoters, as is Silicon Labs (owner of Z-Wave), but that may be for future products / revisions. At least the V3 Hub was on sale for $49, I’ll keep reminding myself, should we keep it.

Still, for all current users, I sincerely hope one major goal of this switch to the new app has baked in providing CHIP support for Smart Things owners who’ve built up this community from the ground-up.

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Well, I have to say that you were lucky. I had to take a day off work to sort out my home when migrating to the new Alexa skill and it took me the best part of 8 hours to sort out, and I’m still finding problems with things not firing, duplicates etc.

There are advantages to having a very simple setup. I’ve mostly got smart light switches and dimmers, mix of Z-wave plus and Zigbee. And a handful of sensors and pocket sockets.

The only things that are triggered automatically are controlled by Smart Lighting. And everything is using stock DTHs so are local-control.

I have Yale YRD256 + Zwave module. I just migrated today and I can`t find the smart lock guest access app. Actually, my new app doesnt have any smartt app (if I try to install a new smartapp it does not list any app). Is this because it is only available to the US? (I live Brazil)

Does anyone know any workaround to have the ability to create custom lock codes outside US?

Yes, Smart Lock Guest Access is limited in availability at this time. The only option that I would recommend is the following app from @RBoy

[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)


I would assume (you know what happens when you do that…) the automation creator will be the first UI for the Rules API. If/When that happens and If/When it runs local, then maybe people won’t mind the new app too much :slight_smile:


I’d be very surprised if this happens. Even the IDE was never included in the classic app.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it doesn’t fit their previous design philosophy.


This is one thing I’ve been wondering about myself, Never know.

[wild speculation] It would make SENSE to fold it under the automation creator, because at some time Smartlighting will have to go away to clear headroom in the device firmware for RulesAPI and to clear it for the future retirement of the IDE. It would make sense to make the Automation Creator the UI for the RulesAPI and inherit more and more functions of SmartLighting over time until SL becomes completely redundant. Meanwhile the Rules team tightens up the code and drops it into the firmware headspace they’re clearing by pulling out the local bits of SHM.[/wild speculation]


[whishful thinking]

[/wishful thinking] // reality sinks in… :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how to setup multiple leak monitors with different actions in the new app?
In the STHM leak monitor, while you can select multiple leak sensors there is only one action possible for all leak events. There is the separate “custom monitor” app, but leak sensor type of devices are not exposed there - so that eliminates one candidate workaround.

I have a WC piston for this currently, but would prefer to move to a fully native solution if one is possible in the new app as part of my migration efforts.

Use case is easy; e.g. a leak at hot water heater should shutoff the water valve, but leak under a sink drain should not.

BTW, is there a better existing thread for “can I/how do I do this in the new app” questions? I hate overloading the original topic with tangential stuff, but this seems to be an effective and frequently visited thread. Ready or not I’ve already made the switch :grin:

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For a question like this, how do you solve a particular use case with an automation/scene in the new app, you can just use the regular automation ideas category in the forum. same as if someone who had never had the classic app is asking the question. Use a separate thread for each use case, otherwise it gets too confusing. :sunglasses:

If it’s a question about “where do I find…“ Something in the new V3 app, like “is there a way to see what mode the system is in?“ Then you can ask that in the app thread:

What sort of thing are you looking to do that an Automation can’t?

For those concerned about WebCore moving forward to the new app, @jkp started a thread discussing the future.

It appears Adrian now works for ST. Hopefully he will produce a superior platform for the new Rules API

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Thanks! if anyone else is in the same situation as me, as a workaround, i was able to create an account from US and invite it to join my home. After that, all the smartapps were unlocked (including to my foreign account).


Hmm… good question. After setting up an automation for this, apparently nothing. :blush:

But, in my defense, here’s how I got here… first I saw that STHM could not do what I wanted, then noticed the “Custom Monitor” smart app – and found that wasn’t useful for this case. Never even thought to check for an automation based solution. My brain was stuck on “monitor”.

So why does the “Custom Monitor” smartapp exist… was that a legacy carry-over from the old app I never noticed before? If it is new, then why choose a custom monitor approach (if available) over an automation (if available).

Where do you see “Custom Monitor” in the new app?

Its one of the available SmartApps.
Also, I think the migration tool populated it for me, since several of my custom monitors from the old SHM appear there. It may’ve created it as well, not sure.

Before I spend too much more time on this:

Before I migrated I had a rock solid ST installation using arnb’s SHM Delay that announced that you had 30 seconds to exit and on entry announced that you need to turn off the alarm.

This was accomplished with:
Action Tiles and FullyKiosk for the Announcements and Smartthings Classic.
Webcore pistons that announced (through Fully Kiosk stuff like the “Pool Gate is Open” etc.

After migration, the Webcore Pistons still work - but I had to create virtual switches in order to interface with Action Tiles since AT does not yet support the new ST app.

The SHM Delay app no longer announces anything (but the webcore pistons do)

Does anyone know if arnb’s SHM Delay app will work with the new app. I have updated and published the latest versions and the configuration within the new ST app app seems to be the same. I do not see anything useful in the logs.

Or am I beating a dead horse ??

Any advice is appreciated -
Thanks -

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Its working fine amd should continue to in my setup, you just have to setup the delay sensor properly…

But you may not need it because there is a rudimentary delay feature in shm now?