Get ready to make the switch!

I don’t see how to remove SHM from the Classic app. I don’t have anything setup in SHM…

Yes, very slow on my s9.

So I take it this migration completely kills my 2 Samsung cameras linked to SHM? Anyone done a migration with any of the older cameras? (I have a smart cam pro and smart cam hd plus.)

…Also, do you need to be on the latest Classic app version to get the banner? I rolled back to 2.17 after the lost icons/crashing debacle of the last update.

I’m in the same boat, went back to the fully working Classic app of 2.17, after they made some “improvements” and I don’t get the banner, waiting to see if they are able to fix the new app to make it work properly like the Classic, I doubt it though, if they can’t do it in 2 years, what are they going to do in a few months?


@blake.arnold @jody.albritton

There is a pretty serious bug on the latest app update. ‘turn on or turn off’ does not function. I’m trying to use a smartthings button to control a smartthings wifi outlet. Using this setting it will turn the device off but not on. Or for some devices on but not off.
I’ve already submitted a bug report.

The other problem (which I’ve alerted Jody to) is that devices using the capability music player and the vid generic-music-player no longer show any playback controls since the last update. I submitted a support ticket for this also.

It would be nice if there was a beta channel for this app via Google play so that it could be tested by users before it gets released to the main channel. It seems the new app regularly gets bug-ridden updates as if it hasn’t been tested enough.

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Does anyone know if there’s a specific unsupported custom device handler or custom smart app that we can add to get the migration banner to go away?

Noticed something buggy with New app
Rachio sprinkler zone scheduled to turn on at midnight for approx 20 min

This morning the New App shows the sprinkler valve to be still ON
I couldn’t confirm…since I left the house

Also for the past 2 days…i leave the house…with all doors Locked. When i get to work noticed one door us Unlocked. I just thoroughly went through All Scenes and Automations.

Will be monitoring
I miss my Classic app

How does migration interact when you are sharing with other users?

Do they get a prompt to migrate? Can they start the migration for the “ST location”? Will their classic app just stop working?

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Classic app doesn’t allow me to make any further changes. It states to start using the New app for changes and new implementations

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@blake.arnold @Brad_ST @jody.albritton Just a tough about hosting in the near future. Why not opening USB port for thumb drives, and create real local hosting for Device handlers/Smart apps. That way no hosting is required by Samsung/SmartThings, and all devices handlers are truly local.


Can anyone say yet how virtual devices Will be handed in the new platform?

Take, for example, the virtual sensor/switch combination which is used to trigger echo routines. Will you be able to create a new one of those without having to set up a developer account?

Inquiring minds and all that. :wink:



JDRoberts - are you talking about the “Simulated Alexa Switch”?
I really depend on those and create them using GroovyIDE.
I am concerned about how those will be supported and created going forward!

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Yes, that’s one example.


does anyone know why Montary Button Tiles to control devices no longer works in the new app? says cannot connect to device…

Have you tried toggling it in the classic app first?

What qualifies a users as “ready to migrate” by Samsung??

Read somewhere that in order to continue to be able to create virtual switches, you will have to have created at least one in the classic app. I guess this is just Samsung trying to make their lives simpler; if you don’t know what a virtual switch is anyway - we’re not gonna let you have the option moving forward. Wish it was the same for smartapps and custom dth’s.

That is a very good question. I got my Migration warning a couple of days ago. Logic would dictate Samsung might have migrated all the simple users first, while saving the headaches (madhatter automaters like many of us here) for last. However I have my doubts. For all we know they might have just gone through an alphabetical list of email addresses.

Staff said previously that the first group that was migrated were those who were using only simple official features and only had a few devices. No custom code at all initially. But that was some time ago.

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