Get Number of Currently Incoming Phone Calls Sent to ST?

I want to set up some rules to help me with my stupid phone life. I know it’s another issue, and I eventually just need to deal with it (do some troubleshooting, which may include doing a reset, or get my phone replaced or whatever), but in the meantime (and just because this is a neat idea anyway, regardless of my phone’s current sickness)…

My phone often doesn’t get the call when somebody calls me. The call will go to my phone number at carrier, and it will go to my Google Voice account, but somehow the phone itself never gets notified of the call until it gets a voice mail notification.

Now (regardless of how it eventually gets fixed), I want to create some rules in ST to help with this kind of situation so that I can be notified in some other way when the call is actually coming in.

I know how and have already created what I need in ST (virtual switches, RM rules, hue lights, etc). I just need to figure out how (if possible) to get the incoming call numbers to ST.

I know that I can set up a recipe in IFTTT that can alert me to missed calls. However, I already have a great missed call notification system; the voicemail notifications come through just fine.

What I want is to be notified while the call is actually happening.
I realize that, if the call isn’t getting to the phone anyway, it won’t help to know that it’s happening. i.e. I will still need to call them back or whatever, but still.

Does anybody know of a way of getting that kind of information into SmartThings somehow?
Like, is there some kind of service online that I can tap into, or would I need some other hardware, or is this just a pipe-dream, or what?

it might be possible but seems pointlessly complicated.

Dig into your Google Voice settings to see if you can get text notifications. I don’t think notifications of calls can be sent until the voicemail is left. But I did not dig.

You might get different call completion if you port your number to Google Voice - if that is possible, or get a better service.

Just to be clear, I did say,
"…because this is a neat idea anyway, regardless of my phone’s current sickness"

I want to know if this is possible.
I don’t care how difficult it is.
I’m not saying it’s the end of the world if it can’t be done.
I’m just asking.