Get notified if a device is left on when I leave?

Is there a way to receive a notification if a light or any device is left on when I leave the house?

Several ways to do this. There used to be a
Smart app designed for just this but it got removed because routines can do it too. I thought removing it was silly. Anyway…

Create a new Routine on the Automation tab. Call it whatever you like. In addition to alert, you can just turn off the light. Then select Automatically do this when… and select everyone leaves. Pick the presence sensors for those in house. You could also tie this to a garage door and a time. Then select notify options.

For more flexibility you can use WebCore. Finally if you want to be alerted about non smart lights being left on you will need an illuminence sensor, but I personally would just make them smart instead.

Going through the steps of creating a routine, I see how to set a push notification when I leave but I don’t see where I can have it go off only if a light is still on.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can check out a few apps which can do what your looking for based on how your system is setup, when you leave does your hub change mode, run a routine or change SHM state - you can pick the appropriate SmartApp to back it up and notify you and even complete the missing actions.

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Yea, it looks like you will need a custom app like Rboy’s apps to do this or a rule engine like WebCore. The latter is free and will greatly expand your flexibility. But quite honestly my main suggestion is to just turn off the lights automatically when everyone leaves.

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One more thing … the app I thought was removed is still there under marketplace and security and is called Notify me when… But it won’t check for lights on first. A test like this is a walk in the park with WebCore

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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You can also do this for free from WebCore.