Get lock and unlock information from Yale Real Living Lock

I moved from AT&T DIgital Life to Smartthings a while ago and I finally replaced the AT&T zwave module from my Yale Real Living deadbolt to an open zwave module. I have installed yracine’s device handler so I can manage the lock codes. I have put a ton of automations into webCoRE and everything is cool. The one thing that I had in AT&T digital life that I can’t seem to recreate in webCoRE is detailed information from lock and unlock events. When I used AT&T, I could tell if someone locked the door manually vs using onetouch (basically if it was locked from the inside or the outside). I also used to know exactly who unlocked the door based on the code that they entered. There must be a way to do that with yracine’s code since I noticed in the code that one of the zwave alarms seemed to have that information in it. Does anyone know how I can get that information in webCoRE?

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Hi, sorry, I haven’t updated the custom code for quite a while as it was originally meant to correct some specific issues with timeouts which were impacting the status of the lock (unlocked or locked status).

Now, there are other options out there for your specific use cases. I’d recommend to check on the following: