Get label of device tile within a device handler

The getLabel() method works well in SmartApps to provide the label of a device, but this doesn’t work in a device handler. I need to get the label of one of the tiles defined within the same device handler in my parse function. I have the device name, but need the friendly label I set.

Does anyone know how I can get the label of a device tile within a device handler?

Just wanted to bump this thread to see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks!

@Jim any thoughts?

You could try getMetadata() which gets a map of the metadata which should contain an entry for the tiles. I’ve not really tried it or know if it will suit your needs.

I have to include the disclaimers about it not being something that was necessarily supported/documented, so YMMV and can’t guarantee it will work to fit your needs or continue working… but if you don’t mind living dangerously :wink:

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