Gentle Wake Up

Most excellent. Great idea for the controller. Much needed IMHO

Thanks for the best informed update on plans to fix ongoing known problems from ST that I have seen in many months. It’s folks like you who make this user pain and confusion almost acceptable. The extra effort you put into the Gentle Wake Up fixes is much appreciated from this ST user. There is still a pulse at SmartThings after all!

You should pressure the powers that be to release Android bug fixes as soon as they are ready. There really is no reason to wait in the Android app marketplace culture. Most other former kickstarter and similar agile services who show genuine concern for the user experience ping my phone with Android app updates ever couple weeks. I love that. The current SmartThings status quo of 3 or 4 times per year for Android updates just isn’t fast enough. Especially when new critical bugs tend to land with each new app update. ST Android updates are slower than just about any regularly used modern app I can think of. Certainly slower than other IoT services. That’s a problem because ST leaves me with an app that barely works through constant crashes for 2 or 3 months at a time. Then fixes in an update, then breaks again for months on end. Too slow.

The current Android app crashes during almost every use on the latest version of Android. I had time to finally dust off my v2 hub and migrate from v1 last weekend but the constant app crashes made me not want to even think about going through the pain of migrating a hundred devices and several hundred perfectly customized smartapps through constant mobile app crashes. Give me an old school agile mobile app release process please. Android users are used to bugs that extend through two week sprints.


The new version is live so you should be able to just go into the settings screen and hit “Done”. The first time I tried, I got an error, but then it worked. Let me know if you have similar issues.


I appreciate all the work that went into this, and there are some really neat features in it that I would have never thought of, but how is it that this STILL doesn’t support only activating when in specific modes?

I mean, it’s a good thing we have Rule Machine to trigger this now, because otherwise it wouldn’t work at all for me.

Thanks so much for the update!! I love this app and with the recent update and fix to scheduling it is working great!!!

This is a fantastic app! I really think it was ingenious the way that you made it into a controller device. I made a dimming up and a separate dimming down controller. You made it so that one app can control another app and by using Rule Machine, it adds a huge amount of flexibility when applying it to the controller devices that your app can generate. More developers should follow your lead and create apps in this way. I think this is a big deal! Wow, great job and thanks for taking the time creating and sharing it.

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Wow awesome app! I’m completing the integration with Google calendar and it’s working really good.

In your future plans, will we be able to change the color if we have hue bulb? I have 2 IRIS on my night bed.


Hello Steve,

Would it be possible to add custom commands like stop(), off(), so we can call them in RM? This way, we could have a trigger to stop the wake up light of turn it off to go back to sleep.



I’m not very familiar with RM, but I think it can control switches, right? So you should be able to turn off the GWU Controller to accomplish that. Or am I wrong about that?

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You are right, I believe it should work. I was trying to close the light directly and not the switch! I will try with a rule programmed on the minimote and report back.

Custom commands might be useful to expose some possibilities like Kevin did on the doorbell but its only nice to have, nothing required.

@steve_vlaminck I love gentle wake up. I use it every morning. Thank you.

I just noticed that it seems like setting up new gentle wake ups requires me to include notifications in the completion actions section.

I do have “My Contacts” set up after it appeared in my app. Is that why?

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This is from support, and their solution works for now.

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

Unfortunately, while this isn’t intended behavior, it appears to be occurring for you because you have the ‘Contact Book’ feature enabled. Without this feature, that field is not a required field. Contact Book is a feature that’s currently not actually supposed to be in the app, though we have noticed a bug causing it to appear for some users. It’s something we’re working on getting out there but it’s not quite ready for prime-time. Seems like it may be causing fields like this to be required in SmartApps.

While there isn’t a whole lot I can do for you here, it may work to create a fake contact and select that on that page so that you can still have the SmartApp change the mode. I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to let me know!

All the best,

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Is anyone using this with hue? I’m trying to find a good way to set the color when gentle wake up starts running.

My daughter has a gentle wake up alarm set in the Hue App. You may want to check in the app itself.

Right, but I was hoping to trigger the gentle wake up via ST events.

Wow, I’m just now seeing your post. This solution sucks and I’ll have a fix for it very soon. I didn’t add the contact book feature into GWU, but I think I know why this is happening for you. Sorry for the pain.

I’m using it with Hue, but I use the default color changing feature that GWU provides. Are you trying to set a color when GWU starts and then leave it that color all the way through the dimming cycle?

Also, How do you trigger GWU? At a specific time, or from some other ST event?



Awesome, thanks. I’ll update.

It’s not out there yet, but I believe it’ll be available next Wednesday