Gentle Alert device

I’m looking for a device that would provide a gentle alert at night. A soft sound plus a dim light. Before I start hacking I thought I ask here if anyone is aware of such a device? Basically, I want to be alerted about my 2-year-old leaving his room in the middle of the night, but without waking up my wife and a two-month-old daughter. I do not usually have my phone near me (long story), so it has to be a separate physical device (or two).

Any ideas for hacking something like this together would be appreciated as well.

Wear a pebble smartwatch and receive a notification via your phone/it. It buzzes when you get notifications. Otherwise it wouldn’t be too difficult with an arduino and thingshield

Pebble is a great idea. I’m already wearing a Pulse O2 watch to bed and feel silly about it. Wearing two devices would be even sillier. :slight_smile:

I was looking for a night-light type device. A glowing orb of some sort or whatnot. I guess I’ll have to hack something up myself.

I have discovered the joys of lamp modules for activating devices. In this case, use a lamp module to turn on a small nightlight. If you want sound too, i would suggest finding a small device that makes the right sound when powered on and add that to the nightlight.


I have this grand idea about integrating Pushbullet service into Smartthings. This would allow one to send a certain type of push notification to your phone and let the phone handle that notification. In particular, intercept Pushbullet notification with Tasker and play a sound or TTS message. Stay tuned.

@sudarkoff, You should be able to have a simpler setup (without Tasker) with this app, if you are on android.

This app reads notifications from other apps of your choosing during certain hours. Have it read your ST notifications at night.