Genie Garage Door - No functionality as Home Monitor Security Sensor

I was extremely excited that SmartThings and Genie have partnered up to build native support for Genie garage doors by linking the Aladdin Connect service. The garage door appears in the SmartThings app and can be controlled, however I have yet to figure out how to utilize it as a sensor.

The default device type is ‘placeholder’, and I have gone so far as trying various device types including the below:

  • placeholder
  • Garage Door Set
  • Simulated Garage Door Opener (seems to show the most relevant ‘Current States’ in IDE)
  • SmartSense Garage Door Multi
  • SmartSense Garage Door Sensor Button

However, none of the device types, seem to make the device appear in the SmartThings Home Monitor, so that I can utilize it as a Security sensor. Has anyone got this working?

If a device shows a device type Handler of “placeholder“ that means it is being managed through an integration. It will not work with any other DTH and you should not try to change it.

If the door itself shows up in smartthings, just use an automation to have the door opening trigger a virtual Sensor, and then you can use the virtual Sensor in STHM.

You can use webcore to do this or you can use the virtual device type that people use for triggering echo routines. That one is both a Switch and a Sensor. When you turn the switch on in any fashion, including with an automation, smartthings will think that the sensor has opened. When you turn it off, it will think that it closed.

Here is the code for the virtual device:

Oh gosh, such an oversight by me for such an easy workaround. As always, thanks JDRoberts.

I’ve gotten lazier ever since the new SmartThings App and with Samsung partnering with other manufacturers. I’ve grown accustomed to the new stripped down ST app and just having to link the services and expecting things to work natively. I find myself going to the IDE and utilizing webCoRe less and less (because Samsung keeps breaking things, i.e. EchoSpeaks, Foscam Universal DTHs, etc.). I guess life gets in the way of staying on top of these things, especially with how fast things are changing. Far from the days of SmartThings Classic, configuring custom DTHs from tonesto, tomasaxerot, jodyal (and to the many other great minds) to getting the correct set of Capabilities viewable in the old app.

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