Generic "Thing," what could it be?

I am just getting started with Smartthings. I have a bunch of devices installed and was toking to install my first nonofficial device (Iris Keypad) after installing a DTH.

This “Thing” popped up when I went to pair the keypad (the keypad wasn’t seen by the hub apparently). What is it? Is this normal? I bumped my phone and accidentally added the “Thing.” I quickly deleted it, but is it something I should worry about since it keeps showing up when I pair a device.


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If you know how to login to the IDE (search for “FAQ Shard”), there are various places there that might give you more information… Such as the Hub Event log which shows join attempts and My Devices list that let’s you drill into a Thing for possible details.

But in the meantime it is harmless.

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Suuuure it is.

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They Keypad was seen by the hub most likely as the “Thing”, means it didn’t pair and locate a correct DTH(even if you added it to IDE, it happens), next step would have been to go into IDE and set the DTH to the correct one.

I would reset the keypad and try again, if “thing” just pops up you know it’s the keypad and how to proceed next.