Generic Multiattribute Tile Slider icon


I am writing a device handler as an interface to my whole home audio system. For this I am using a “generic” type Multiattribute tile. Everything is working, and it looks like so:

However, unlike what is shown in the documentation, when I put a SLIDER_CONTROL in there, the silly “brightness” icon gets added to the slider. I’m adding the slider like so:

tileAttribute ("device.volume", key: "SLIDER_CONTROL") {
    attributeState "volume", action:"setVol"

The documentation examples show a simple slider with no icon (3rd example). Is there a way to either have my own icon (or specify from a given set) or have no icon at all?

Thanks for the suggestion, but no joy. I still get the same “brightness” icon. That icon attribute is doesn’t seem to be in the documentation for the “generic” multiattribute tile either (not that this means anything).