Generation 3 ST Hub CONSTANTLY disconnects

Good morning!

I’ve got a bizarre situation with my ST hub, 3rd generation model.

In short, it constantly disconnects and re-connects from the internet. It will disconnect, and then re-connect about 5 minutes later. It’s made the system virtually useless.

One note- because of where the internet comes into the house, xfinity set up a power line cable. This power line cable is plugged into an outlet, and carries the signal to another power line adapter via the electrical system in the basement. The Ethernet cable runs from the second power line adapter to my x7 xfinity modem/router. The x7 is used only as a modem, and I use an Netgear ORbi mesh Wi-Fi system. I’ve also got two unmanaged switches running off the orbi master router.

I have several ORbi satellites throughout the house, so I can hardwire almost everything. I have zero issues with the internet dropping out on any other device, including devices wired to the same switch that the ST hubs is on. The only thing that seems to be affected is the ST hub. The hub is hardwired, and runs off the larger switch connected to the orbi master unit. I’ve also ran it off of one of the ports on the back of the orbi master unit, and it does the same thing.

I have to assume that the issue is probably because of the power line adapters, right? FWIW, I’m not crazy about using that setup, but it’s the only way to not have a wire running across our finished basement. If I absolutely had to do it, I could run an Ethernet wire across the basement so the incoming signal is hardwired to everything.

Is there something else I can troubleshoot? The hub is on the latest firmware, and the app I use on my iPhone and my pixel phone are also updated to the latest version.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve attached a picture of the disconnect/Re-connect pattern.

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Yeahh, You already know what you have to do. :wink:

I would definitely put the powerline adapted as suspect #1. With that said, you would think everything in your house would have have issues since everything is running through it.

Have you tried a different port on the switch and different cable to the ST hub?

Yes, I’ve done both things.

I went and checked, and found another variable. We have an ADT Pulse system (wife’s insistence- I very much dislike their setup). We’ve got gigabit plus internet service, and we’re supposed to get about 1.2 GB/S. However, I noticed that the incoming cable carrying the gigabit system is connected to the ADT equipment. There’s a device that is white w/antannae, and it appears to broadcast a signal. From there a CAT 5E cable goes down to some type of ADT equipment that looks like an old school router. From the second piece of ADT equipment, another CAT5E cable goes to the first powerline adapter.

I’m not familiar with how the ADT system works, but I need to figure out if I can split the signal so that one split goes to the ADT system, and the other split goes all the way to the router. I ran the cable already, and thankfully had a 100 FT CAT6 cable extra. Just have to wait until my wife’s workday is finished so I can interrupt the internet with the changes.

So, on top of the powerline potential issue, it would seem that the ADT pulse system takes priority BEFORE the modem/router is even involved. My guess is that’s what’s actually causing the issues.

The really weird thing is that I don’t see the entry CAT cable that is the cable that “brings” the internet to the house. Instead, I see a cable that goes into the first piece of ADT equipment, and the only way to tap into the signal is to connect it to one of the ethernet ports on the back of the second piece of ADT equipment.

Have I mentioned that I really hate the ADT system? Its garbage.

Next question: Does anyone have any experience dealing with an ADT pulse system? Is it even possible to split a signal so that 1/2 goes to the pulse system and the other 1/2 goes to your modem/router? Or, does it absolutely have to go through the ADT system first?

Update- I wasn’t able to ditch the powerline adapters (yet), but I did find out that it appears to be OK to have the modem/router feed split off of the ADT Pulse system. In other words, the connection into the house looks like this:

Fiber/gigabit line → ADT Pulse system → CAT6 ethernet to modem/router.

Q: Also, I do have two unmanaged switches hooked up to the ports on the master Orbi unit. They are set up on different ports, and I was wondering if that was the proper way to set that up. I think you can also maybe cascade them by hooking up the second ethernet switch to the first, but it seems like that would possibly cause some speed/other issues?

It’s weird, because the ADT system very rarely disconnected, and my mesh system very rarely went down. I also didn’t have issues with other hardwired devices on the same unmanaged switch (connected to the Orbi master unit). Also had zero issues with the satellite units, and both the wifi signal they broadcast and also the ethernet connections that I used to hardwire devices to the satellite units.

I have to assume that the combination of the powerline adapters and the ADT system are to blame here. I’ll report what happens when I finally ditch the powerline adapters- have to wait again until the wife is off work.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Honestly your network setup isn’t making sense to me. You have comcast/xfinity right? The data “flow” should be coaxial into the house → cable modem → ethernet cord to your orbi router → ethernet to your network switch → ethernet to your other devices (alarm system, orbi satellites (if hardwired), wired devies, etc)

Powerline adapter doesn’t make any sense before your cable modem. Nor does your ADT system make sense before your cable modem.

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Couldn’t agree more. Wasn’t here when the guy set it up, unfortunately.

The other issue is that the ADT pulse could have some z-wave devices on it, which could in theory interfere with my ST devices. Possibly even the z wave hubs could interfere with each other. I specifically asked whether those two things would conflict with each other, and was told they would not. Not so sure about that answer…

Countdown to 6 PM MST is on… That’s when I can bypass the powerline adapters. Still not crazy about the way the ethernet cable is ran to my modem/router. I wish I could bypass the ADT stuff, or like you said, run it back to the ADT stuff. The manual that I found for the ADT pulse system seems to call for the setup I have now (minus the powerline adapters. It kinda makes me a little upset the guy couldn’t have just ran a custom length ethernet cable, and kept the damn powerline adapters in the truck.

Here’s what appears to be the netgear z-wave gateway.

At least its a version of it. Prior to the incoming cable into the house, there’s a small white device with two antenna. Here is what that device looks like: