General Weirdness

My Good Morning routine didn’t fire this morning, nor did my Goodnight routine fire last night… It’s my understanding that there is a known problem with routines right now which likely explains that. But… I am also having lights randomly turn on or not turn on since yesterday. Is anyone else experiencing problems with individual devices?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating – – you should definitely report it to support.

If you are on shard one and you received a notice about a November 10 platform update, it may be related to that.

Yup, tons of stuff like that. The lights going on isn’t random, the trigger event is so late you forgot when it happened…

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I got the update notification. My good morning routine didn’t fire, so I manually put SHM into disarmed mode when I woke up. The siren went off when I opened a door 10 mins later anyway.

Things seem normal now though.

Happened to a bunch of people (including me) this morning.

ST really needs to add an entry/exit delay with a Keypad (local control). I would buy 2 tomorrow.

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We are seeing A LOT of improvements following the migration; things appear to be running smoother for the vast majority of customers (especially so today, once we got rid of some of the bugs and headaches). That said, we are still finding some edge case reports where things are not working as expected. If you come across one of these, please email support with the details.