General Migration from ST DTH to ST Edge Drivers

The IDE is a great, feature-rich, powerful environment for configuring and managing systems. It may not be the most intuitive app in places, but it sure brings together everything you need under one roof.

I’m absolutely shocked they would kill that and not have something as elegant and powerful to replace it. It feels like a huge step backwards.

Is there something fundamental about the architecture of everything running locally on the hub that precludes having such a tool?

Your list of what so far is missing in the ED world is excellent. It’s a shocking list and indicates a huge step backward. It is also shocking that Samsung is not clearly addressing the whole migration plan and telling the community which features will not be needed, which will be deprecated, what the new world will look like, etc. I feel like one of the blind me trying to figure out the elephant.

On top of all this, where and how does “Matter” fit in? Does Matter mean yet another such transition will be coming up?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think Jasco is the designer and manufacturer. They are not licensing the GE, Honeywell, etc name. Rather GE, Honeywell and others OEM the Jasco products and sell the products under their own brand name.

It sure is a convoluted UI path to get to the new “Smart lighting” (lower case “L”) section:

  1. Automations tab
  2. Plus sign “+”
  3. “Add routine” drop-down menu
  4. “Discover” tab
  5. “SmartApps” (scroll to very bottom to find it)
  6. “Smart lighting”
  7. “No item” displayed
  8. Click plus sign “+”
  9. FINALLY! “Add lighting routine”

I just struggled several minutes to find my way back here. It is buried so deeply that, for a while, I thought an overnight update might have deleted it.

Could they have made it more difficult to get there? I’ll have to store my finding above somewhere for future reference.

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It’s always been a licensing agreement, where Jasco licenses the names of big brands, including GE and Disney, and then relabels some of the Jasco devices under those names. It’s a common industry practice in HVAC and plumbing, including for water heaters.

They have a similar arrangement with Honeywell:

The other way to do it is what Tuya does, where they are an OEM to client companies like Moes and Zemismart. That’s probably what you were thinking of.

Matter will be another way to integrate other companies’ devices into SmartThings. This will be through Edge Drivers for some devices. There are already a few Matter Edge Drivers in development, although there are as yet no end devices to test them with.

No one has said as yet what will happen to devices that offer both an existing integration AND a Matter integration, like the Philips Hue hub, so no telling how transition might work. It may vary from model to model.

Thanks for the clarification / explanation. Is Jasco the manufacturer?

No, Jasco licenses the GE and Honeywell names and sells their own products under them. They also OEM products for other companies.

GE licenses their name for all kinds of things, light bulbs included.

Once you add an automation in it, it will be on your main automation tab.

Well, how do you like that!? Thanks for pointing that out. Too bad we can’t reorder SmartApps. Sigh.

You won’t need to once all the SmartApps are deprecated. My guess is Smart lighting will be the lone survivor.

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Yes. Jasco designs, manufactures, distributes, and provides customer support for the devices. The only thing GE about it is the logo. :wink:

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Is there something fundamental. Eh not really. But your hub really isn’t the best place for it. The hub already is memory constrained and some people who have a lot of devices and / or drivers already find they have issues and some blame recent zigbee weirdness on the memory issues.

Either way adding a HTML application server on top with management tools probably wouldn’t help. Instead they gave us the CLI and api access. That’s a good start and how it SHOULD be done(it would allow folks to write thier own tools) but let’s just say the tools they provide end users at the present time are less than adequate. There’s nothing saying they can’t improve…

I don’t see them ever supplying a comprehensive web interface local on the hub itself. I would see it more as a subset of the existing IDE with more device details (fingerprints, routes), some utilities (changing zigbee radio channel, rebooting the hub). The cloud clearly can’t go away - its still being used for all data storage, mobile access relay to the hubs, API requests, rule API execution. No reason that device fingerprints and routes can’t sync and be displayed just like they did in the IDE.

I suspect they will add more of the management side of the existing IDE to for things that “fit” better on a web interface vs a mobile app.

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@ nathancu

I’m still surprised that your hub syncing configuration data to a cloud web IDE-like interface for the services you both describe isn’t part of the v1 rollout. Without that comprehensive view, are we supposed to look at each device individually?

Not a problem in the Android app. If you have the sort mode set to custom you just drag them into position.

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Damn, thanks! Never realized (or forgot) that was there. Perfect for Routines!!!

This is interesting cause mine are in alphabetical order and the two lighting apps are next to each other.

I hadn’t noticed before, but mine USED to be in alphabetical order. The system just stuck the new “Smart lighting” (lower case “L”) at the top.

Hi. Is smartlighting only in the US. I can not find the app. Plz help.

It is available in a few other countries besides the US.