General IDE Improvments to GitHub

Hello; new user here, so maybe there is an option that I’m missing.

When you go to update from repo, you only get the project’s name (not the Author’s). So mine has a list of like 6 SmartThings or SmartThingsPublic. I can’t tell which goes to what project because they are effectively named the same.

Now if I go into settings (where you add new repositories) the order is correct. So if I know what I want is second on the list then I pick that.

So, please enable an option to allow the full tage (including Author) to be displayed.

Next, it would be awesome for me to be able to write a few words to display next to it as well, like Bulb Replacement. In this way I can make it easier to rember why I have that repository there.

Last, it would be really awesome if I can select one, or several folders in a repository to display. Some authors clone the entire SmartThingsPublic repository to theirs, and then make edits to a Z-Wave Switch. It would be really nice if I could just show the folder for Z-Wave Switch so that I can actually know what I’m updating.

Thank you in advance for any guidance or consideration for these requests!


Try the following topic:

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Thank you for the advice on several levels. Please let me know if any further adjustments need to be made so that the suggestions are easier to follow.