Gee... Thanks... Smarthings screwed up and it looks like Santa is going to have to come late this year

My system STILL isn’t working properly after the lousy V2 app came out months ago. I’ve largely given up and resorted to using Smarttiles. Lately I’ve noticed that notifications have actually been coming through, and my timed events have been working most of the time.

I began to have unreasonably high hopes that maybe… JUST maybe, things were improving. Then yesterday evening without warning every ST controlled light in the house just shut off. It’s happened a couple times since, but I wasn’t too worried.

Then tonight at 10:45pm My alarm module, which has been removed from every single smart app went off.
It took a while to convince the thing to shut up.
Now everyone is wide awake and Santa very nearly got caught. He’s going to have to stay up late tonight to make sure everyone is asleep.

Thanks ST.
If it were up to me you would all get coal in your stockings tomorrow morning.

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That really sucks. I am just curious but does the log say anything? I actually physically disable the speaker in my siren and just using the light strobe part. I also don’t have faith in ST with siren yet but just to be sure to check in case you are blaming the wrong party. Merry Christmas and hopefully it won’t scare Santa away again :smile:

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Sadly I have to agree with you. For some reason, I got logged out, and could not log in with multiple attempts, even changing my password. Finally some time later I could log in, and one of my two hub locations was missing. All seems ok now- wth is going on?

Not really sure but my routine did not change my SHM and caused a bunch of intrusion alarms. Some weirdness is going on for sure. Just give support a shout even it’s on Christmas.

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I did. Maybe for once they’ll reply with something useful. I won’t hold my breath.

It often takes them more then a week to respond to me- always prefaced by an apology. They have a lousy customer service model- maybe as bad as Comcast

Well, it’s now January 9th. I got two responses. The first one was after the holidays saying they were looking into it. Then a second one later saying that they conveniently had an “outage around that time”. It was also conveniently late enough in the process to go back and look in the logs to see what happened.

ST, instead of coal in your stocking, I hope you get a barrel of reindeer $%#@.

Seriously. No phone numbers, no addresses, etc. Who are these people?